Food Health

Highest quality, lowest price

Olives still coming from the land of the bar owner in inland Andalusia.

When at a Spanish costa, you get a tapa of olives; these olives still come out of a can from Greece or the north of Spain. They are not local nor fresh.

So that when a tourist gets ill, the “health and safety” regulations have been followed, and the buck can be passed to a multinational. Industrialised tourism, comes with industrialised everything. Health & Safety only pop up where there no longer is health nor safety.

Whereas in many a bar in inland Andalusia, the olives can still come from the land of the bar owner. They can’t be fresher, can’t be more ecological, can’t be healthier, can’t be more full with nutrients. And, yip, they are cheaper than at the coasts.

This is one example of my flabbergasting realisations when I came to live here: in life, the highest quality very often comes with the lowest possible price. 

As if actually still finding a No-Litigation Culture isn’t enough, it seems to come with many other presents. Olives and most vegetables and fruits are but one example; the quality and prices of craftsmanship another.

It’s a given that at one point or the other, Rural will have again have a Quality Stamp unlike anything else. But until that moment, we have all the peace, space and quality of life just to ourselves 🙂


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