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2020: the year of rhetoric

Learn the 3.5% rule and you can lead the world.
Learn rhetoric and you will do.

There’s nothing wrong with the world, that cannot be corrected by what is right with the world”.
See the balance in this phrase, and understand the appeal of verbal balance, and how it transmits balance in you, your reliability, attractiveness and your viewpoint. Learn such rules of rhetoric and you govern, your sales does, or your political or ethical philosophy.

This is such a lopsided world.
Here were are, thinking that “extreme 3rd generation feminists” etc have become the majority.
At one and the same time that “50 shades of grey” and “what do men want?” are topping the list of most searched terms in the search engines.
Both phenomena are complete polar opposites.
How is that possible?
How can one be popular… but the other set the agenda?

Because of the
3,5% rule: the most vocal 3,5% of a population, set the agenda.
They are the ones courted by everyone, in order to make the vote swing to one majority or the other. They are the little knot of birds that lead the murmuration of the millions of others.

Not being vocal = not being heard or not being taken seriously = you don’t count, steer, lead, impress = you are not needed.

And so it comes that silent majorities act as though they are in the defensive, making them appear weaker and more on the wrong side still. Always, always, always be on the offensive, positively so.

If I were to pinpoint one single education I would give my own children, it would be: 1. Confidence, 2. Rhetoric, or the art of public speaking. O, wait, up to the late 20th century those were the most important educations, and still are so for the ruling classes. No politician, or he/she has followed classes – or a complete 6-year education in – Rhetoric.

If you don’t know what to do this year, don’t know what to study, what to listen to on YouTube every last 15 minutes before you go to bed, I can highly recommend rhetoric.

Take a leaf out of the book of Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson; whether you agree with them or not does not matter; they are the 21st century finest debaters.

Let it ring with the authenticity that you possess, the happiness that you pretend in social networks, and the belief in truth that you live and fight for.

After all, this is “the year of the mouth”. Use it.



  1. Ben:

    I have to laugh because 2019 was the year of the mouth for me as a consultant and I was asked to leave a client engagement for speaking the truth. So my resolution for 2020 is to say it “once” only and if I get any push-back, we move on.




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