‘Spanish’ Flue, ‘Spanish’ Inquisition

There’s little Spanish about either of them.
History is: Marketing.
As per rule, nations are mighty quick to pass the buck to someone else.  For example, to that country behind the Pyrenees, that doesn’t have much influence in European Media, so won’t be able to object much.

Since the USA joined WW1 in 2017, and the ‘Spanish Flue’ broke out one year later, chances are high that its origins come from the Americas. But you can’t come rescue millions and then kill millions, that’s just terrible marketing. Hence an instant finger pointing to someone else.

It’s also never told, that when the “Catholic Kings” (also a marketing term) started to persecute the jews in 1492, both France and England were applauding. “Finally, Spain is also joining modernity”! For both had already done the same, one and two centuries before.

I put the “catholic” between brackets, for firstly it’s not so that there’s anything Christian about this, and secondly, it seems that these Kings merely put on a jacket that would make them most popular with the population. That’s the history of religion in a nutshell: “Controlled Opposition”; if you can’t beat them, be the one that leads them.

Marketing, by the way, is also the reason why we walk around with this notion of Al-Andalus of being a beacon of tolerance and “convivencia”: first proclaimed by the romantics in the 19th century, for it fitted their agenda, their imagination, and then taken over by the tourist offices from Málaga to Moscow.

Yes, Christians and Jews were “dhimmis”, or the protected other people of the faith of Abraham. As long as they completely hid any sign of their faith, no crosses or church bells; and as long as they paid extra taxes for that protection (you could also call that: extorsion); and displayed their lower rank by riding donkeys only, and never a horse.

History is the story of how we see history.
The Truth, if it exists, is probably always somewhere in the middle.

Today Andalucía is a beacon of tolerance and convivencia.


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