Advice for Hunter-Gatherers

We’re all hunter-gatherers, and we’re terribly good at it.

personal-trainer-andalusiaWhether our specialty is berries, lions or snakes, we have developed a whole machinery to find the trace, then the trail, and then to be in the ideal territory.

Whether we are hunting or wishing to collect problems, solutions, light, dark, bad luck, good luck, uplifting people, people who get us down, good thoughts, bad thoughts, fear, faith...

we’ll get it! 

We always always shoot what we are hunting for. 

For our whole lives were Olympic Trainings. We’re better at our hunt, than anyone else. We are the specialists in our domain.

So, yes, when you’re a Solutions Hunter, you will have to slash through Problem Hunters, but it’s OK, you’ve trained in that too, and soon you’ll part ways anyway. If they shepherd the problems in their direction, you’ve got wider and healthier meadows, where the fruit is abundant.

The very best hunter-gatherer though…

Is the one who shows others that it’s only a Career Choice.
Nothing but a decision.

It’s very hard. For the field can be exploding with berries, the hunter of snakes must and shall and will find a trace of a snake. And will find one.

How beautiful it would be, if both of them would join forces, and become the Berry Squad. Can you imagine the combination of talents? Especially if there are great, great talents? That would be the Garden of Eden.

This is our mission in life.
To be better hunter-gatherers, of better prey. 
Ideally it’s also prey that did not suffer, that did not come with slavery and exploitation, that did not drag a trail of ecological destruction throughout the world, that does not result in destruction of communities – and thus also not in the destruction of our own physical and moral health.

Why sit here and wait for the Kingdom of God?
Create it. It’s but a decision to, for once, open a different door.

John 4:35

You know the saying, ‘Four months between planting and harvest.’ But I say, wake up and look around. The fields are already ripe for harvest.


PS: This is for one of the best and strongest Hunter-Gatherers I have known in my life, and who had the audacity and talent to change his path. He can now give trainings in it, and will be an example to many people. 

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