The battle of 2 Energies

Once upon a time, there were 2 energies.

People on earth connected with either one, or the other.

The more they saluted 1 of them, the more this was the energy that drew them in, until it fully absorbed them.

They became molecules in an army. Particles in a cloud. The dark or the light one.


It was very good to be aware of the other energy! To have a good hard look at it.

For if you don’t know that the other exists, you will not know what you belong to.

Or even that there IS a war, and always has been.

3CF25447-A555-4350-AB86-4E3B18991238That there IS a magnet trying to pull you in.

Let’s call them the + and the -.

People on the – side, forever try to demolish those on the + side.

And those on the + side to help those on the – side.

It’s asymmetrical warfare. It’s the fight between the rescuer and the person drowning. Both want to pull the other towards their destination. The life guard has to be much stronger, for always having to protect 2 people.

Two energies, dwelling everywhere, marching forwards everywhere.

Neither person can help it. It’s not that they themselves are + or -.
They can or could have been both. They are but vessels. They just heard the call, perhaps turned their thoughts into the direction of the loudest call, and then very slowly it became their compass.

8F8E0DA5-1A3D-406A-A56F-4EAF608F0DC4Human history has been nothing but this.
They came up with the highest possible peak of one side: the invention / dream of / focus on / reality of a person named Jesus. When it comes to all virtues, you could not get higher than that.

It doesn’t matter one hoot, if you believe he existed or not. It’s also fully missing the mark. He should have. It’s the sumum of what we humans could have been, or could have tried to be. We should not believe in him, but in the message. The sheer wisdom.

And they came up with the lowest possible ground zero and black hole, which they summarized as Satan.

Obviously light will always be the more appealing packaging, and thus bad energy often disguises itself as a light, will speak words of “peace” and “unity”, wrap itself up in forever shinier packaging, in order to better drag people into its lonely and wet darkness. Come a real Satan, he’ll look like a savior (and since the masses never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, they will think he is).


Once again, the masses of the world are marching towards a battle field. Humans do what they always did. We are not there yet, for the majority of the molecules are undecided, which army they chose to belong to, or are being sucked into. The idea that there can be a tipping point though, seems eerily plausible.

It’s why it will come as a thief in the night. Shock people in mid-conversation. One second they are still preparing dinner, the next one their whole world will change.

For it can be a matter of one molecule.

One more molecule that opts for “just feeling good” instead of actively “being good”.
For selfishness instead of altruism.
For pride instead of humility, cowardice instead of courage.
“What can I do”? about the collapse of ecology, instead of “I will do this and this”.
Cursing the darkness instead of bringing light.

That war is raging across all restaurant tables and all roads and in all families. In every corner of the world it’s forever sunrise and sunset, those kisses between night and day, cold and warmth. With their rainbows and dark clouds and gentle breezes and stormwinds.

Do you have a message? Is your life a message?
Bring it.

For also one molecule can make the change in the cloud. It’s one bird who changes the direction of the flock. The one with the strongest energy.  Be the energy you want to see in the world.

What do you see, light or darkness? Be clear. Come out of the closet.


You can’t serve 2 masters.

Decide to salute one or the other. Pick your cloud. It’s nothing but a decision.

It’s not that easy...”
No, in your and my cosy, philosophical den it isn’t, but don’t give me that when we find ourselves in the same storm. By then I hope that you have made up your mind.


2 thoughts on “The battle of 2 Energies

  1. This is one fantastic post! I’m assuming Andalusian is Andula, Spain. You should look up Andy Stanley in USA. I like communication this reminds me of my current problem of working with Indians, Americans, Mexicans, and Brazilians (Portugese, English) on a huge train/railway solution. I want to completely and clearly describe what we “should” be doing because I’m an architect. Great post Ben-Hur. I’m following so keep them coming. I’m really interested in how the world can shut down the Middle East problem, but they serve the other side I’m sure. I wish the US would stay out of it. Unless we send in the Pope instead of Donald Trump.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hola David, thanks a lot! For taking the time and energy and care to let me know this. Yes, Andalusia is good old Al-Andalus, the southernmost region of Spain that even Bin Laden still dreamed of. I love it that you work with people of many backgrounds, and that your job is Solutions 🙂 I will try to always write about solutions rather than problems too, and for Indians, Mexicans and Americans alike. My little railway 🙂


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