Voices in the desert

If you want to cut down the forest
you start with the biggest tree
Amrika and Ingla
have to fall, have to leave.

You choke Amzon and Reef
those puddles of nutrients
you poison water, air and conscience
to create the new obedience.

Order out of chaos
so chaos there must be
make the minds confused
and the bodies weak.

All the free range chickens
caged chickens they must be.
Pied pipers all around them
to the new slavery.

5000 years
nothing new under the sun
just forever bigger
in goal and in deceit.

No use to hurl
you’re but a voice in the desert
these things have come to pass
they shall, (but not with me).

You are patiently waiting
for the bull, and you’re not scared
you don’t know how he’ll look like
but you’ve got your cloth prepared.

You’ve trained for a lifetime
even if you do not know
you’ve got all the wisdom
in your wrists and bow.

Appear weak where you’re strong
and strong where you are weak
know thy enemy and history
further advice, don’t seek.

The desert’s coming closer
you also see it in the eyes
they’re close to eclipse forever
and the bedouin, he survives.


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