The PrepTalk

Again a record mass of ice melted in Greenland.
For the world has AC blasting. Our cool is the heat for someone else.
Honduran villages are sinking under water. Our luxury is the misery for someone else.

It will come our way. We are entertained to death, the corporate media is frantically keeping the attention elsewhere, drags one sales rep after the other off his hometrainer to deliver beautiful or outrageous or otherwise entertaining political speeches, but the fault lines are forming under our feet.

The Corporations know, we don’t. They prepare, we don’t.
I’m not too sure what they are preparing for; by the looks of it they’re expecting a mass revolt or psychosis.

We are drinking and eating and partying. The rivers run dry, the harvests are catastrophes, but by sucking the food out of the rest of the world, just as the oil is sucked out elsewhere, District 1 in the Hunger Games doesn’t even notice. We keep on dancing on the deck of the Titanic, the least aware of all classes.

Many start seeing how there is more slavery today than at any point in history, but no worries, universities are now educating that all morality is subjective, and good and evil do not exist. The rest of the schools and media teach you how to focus on yourself, so you see next to nothing beyond.

I find this life stunning.
And have always seen it as though I still was a caveman.
(For that’s what we are, have always been, and how people will talk about us in a few hundred years from now. When our tablets are unearthed. We’re cavemen with a Superiority Complex).

Up to quite recently, all humans were Preppers.
They were used to life being dangerous and unpredictable.

From the sabre-tooth tiger to crazy Emperors, to the Aristocrats who in silk and with smooth manners knew how to keep you enslaved. The danger just always knew how to repackage itself, in forever shinier ways – and humans knew that, they often were living radars spidering for the danger or sabre tooth tiger of the day.

The only ones who were not Preppers, were those living at the end phase of civilization cycles: luxury and stability lulled them into a false sense of safety.  Just as lights on motorways create accidents, not security; only a false sense of security, making everyone drive faster and more carelessly. Just as not seeing the animal being killed, propels the consumption of even more meat eating. The world is a stage, of gladiators, slaves, slaughtered animals, and a class that talks about taste buds and stocks. We the hoi polloi sit somewhere in between, being the service class of the emperors (with the intelligence of the new robots, a class that will also become obsolete soon, even our usefulness as consumers is ending).

Life has always been equally dangerous. Being addicted to supermarkets, is as dangerous for health as picking poisonous flowers, and as destructive for societies as a war, but it all looks so shiny for our magpie personalities, and gives such an illusion of ease, and governments don’t put warnings on entrances, and we believe that governments have our best at heart, and that the scientists picked by the establishment are gods, and this whole package of illusions means that we’re f*d.

Today, the major Corporations are the very best preppers. Well, their owners are. Those that actually print the billions, and actually control the Internet (and thus governments, crowd management, mind control). We love to think that we think, but none of us do: we just repeat what schooling system or media put into us. Schools have not been put into place to educate us, but to have control over what is educated (what is safe and useful for the masses to know, and what definitely not).

I love to take my lessons from the best, so tend to skip all official channels and their poultry feed. Problem: those aristocrats of today, are unknown (wouldn’t you, if history taught you that the guillotine always is around the corner, or the bombing of your bunker?) Today you can only get a vague idea of who pulls the strings, by monitoring what they actually do with those strings (their media, their big internet outlets, their search engines). Yes, you can only ever educate yourself by trying to learn what is not educated.

For me as a gay person, it’s blatantly clear that the Gaystapo agenda is pushed by all corporations – just as how that Gaystapo strategy increases the hatred towards gays. For that latter is increasing, not diminishing. In this, corporations are as Machiavellian as any ruler who came before: pit the slaves against each other – but appear benevolent.  This combination is most effective, for then the slaves don’t even know that they are divided and fooled with. Weapon laws have never changed, but 20 years ago we didn’t have mass shootings. Something went terribly astray, but it’s the agenda of taking weapons away is pushed. Not the one that created the actual change.

How many are they, who keep the masses on the treadmill from their supermarket to their pharma to their retirement plan, which they won’t cash in anyway, as though they’re nothing but soulless coins in the slot machine? And who ensure that we become soulless, don’t even spend a thought on all the slavery and exploitation and destruction of countries, as long as we are comfortable?
5 people? 20? A 100? All having a friendly and teasing competition of their brands, which they have to maintain, to give the illusion of choice. It are cartels though were the ROI is highest, and we’re probably talking about a few cartels only, each owning their part of the brands.

I’m not judging them, governing is highly difficult, praiseworthy, and in the West they keep us chickens well fed and free, and politicians’ egos are flattered for getting a slightly better role in the lower regions of the play, etc. For which I’m really grateful. This though is at the expense of the water, food and labour elsewhere, for in the Hunger Games you can’t be all District 1. We have come a very long way since the poverty of the 19th century, but in order to have achieved that, other countries had to go back a long way. Humanity doesn’t manage to improve someones life, without destroying someone else’s.

A computer virus does not pop up by itself, it is created. As the famine in the Ukraine was, the Irish famine is debatable (and debated), and we sort of still have to figure out how at one and the same time there can be famines in Africa – and Big Food is buying the whole of Africa for it being so fertile.

At one point or the other, this system, like all others before, is going to collapse – and that this point is imminent, is something you only learn from reading in between the lines, not the lines, of the media of the corporations. You can see how they are preparing.

The past 3 years have been breathtaking. I’ve been glancing at a 20 news outlets a day, for my whole life, its the soil of this plant, (“what is America saying that Russia is saying? What is Russia actually saying? What is Israel or Iran saying that Russia is saying”? “Does it all even matter”? Etc. etc) and the past years I saw something amazing grow.

It’s not something you can spot or frame in a day. Like nothing ever is. You do need to go from medium to medium, in order to see the pattern. But then again, you always do. The typical schooling system feeds you with mantras as “all throughout history people have complained about the decadence of youngsters”. An inquisitive mind is then baffled. This is it?? You’re not going to tell in which particular phase of that particular civilisation that particular complaining took place? You’re not going to tell whether the elderly no longer complaining about the young, is not an indication of an end phase – for showing that TWO or THREE consecutive generations were decadent or too soft?

This is it? You put a cliché into us, and that, then, is “education”?

Why o why are we taught to see ourselves as “educated” – while being kept dumb?
Asking the question is knowing the answer.
It’s incredible that humans accept an excuse as “we didn’t have an exit plan” (dixit governments and corporations, who do not buy a copymachine without an excel spreadsheet and 3 meetings). It’s breathtaking that we accept the ATM machine to charge us 3 Euros for withdrawing cash, while accepting the message “protect your pin number because there can be robbers”. It’s beyond hilarious.

OK, really knowing, we never will. In the end, we are not that new aristocracy, we are not in a lodge where all “competitors” meet and make deals (i’ve come close enough to that, to have a few ideas about some). All that we can ever try to do, is to develop our radars, become that canary in the coal mine, or animal hiding before humans even know there’s a storm coming. That’s merely common and logic survival instinct.

You always use your survival instinct for the Big Lion, the Hoard of Lions – not so much for the little enemy next door. That’s hard, with the schooling system and media trying to divide us, make us focus on the little enemy next door. Preparing for the Big Sabre Tooth Tiger, learns you how to deal with the cat anyway, so you focus on the Corporations, miles above show-politicians and Brexits and Catalonias. At every article in their media, you ask: what is that doing there? What is its result? What could be its aim? If you “follow the money”, what is the business purpose behind this?

So what patterns do you then see?

That sudden, stunning acceleration of pitting people against each other.
(Why now? Why so strong? So that many will fight against each other?)
That sudden, stunning acceleration of making people weaker, and emasculate men.
(Why so all out? So that many won’t be able to fight?)
That sudden, stunning race towards the complete surveillance society.
(So that many will be under control?)
That sudden, stunning race towards the chip in our wrists.
(The finale in a history of slavery).

And above it all, a jawdropping “Bread and Circuses” that would have put the Romans to shame. We are so non-stop entertained, from Trump to elections to a mind-blowing level of entertainment online, that it’s a miracle some of our brain cells are surviving this.

You look at all these newspapers and show politicians and ponder and ponder. What is going on. What is known there at the very top, that we don’t know? What is the domino that today’s masters, who have access to all knowledge and all AI, are preparing for? Is it the collapse of the dollar? The first Big One in the global warming catastrophe list? The tsunami on the coast of the USA, the fire in New York? What is it, that they seem to know, that we do not?

What is it that they are preparing for?
The collapse of the west? Chaos and – “Order out of Chaos” – the groundworks for the One World Government? (Fairplay to them, if you see the world as a business model, it’s highly cost effective to make it a leaner organisation) (uglier too, of course). Personally I think it’s a total reshaping of the financial and societal system, a reshaping that will change all of our lives.

When an eagle feels unrest in the air, he climbs higher, to have a better view.
That is: skip newspapers, take a higher approach, newspapers are but what the farmer thinks you need to be fed.
When he sees it’s a storm building in the distance, he climbs higher.
That is: try to find what kind of storm it is, what are its contours like?
When he sees the storm approaching, he lets it take him higher and higher.
So he won’t be in the storm, but will rest on its power.

That’s what a prepper is. Just someone who wants to see the storm before others do. Of course the media deliberately try to picture them as fools. For, little fish, you have to stay in the net, don’t follow those who go for freedom, least of all own, free thoughts.

Some want to be near water and fruits.
That’s not my thing. I don’t see how I could keep control over that, 24 hours into a famine. In times of disaster, whole cities flood to the country side, looking for just that.
Some invested in gold and silver.
That’s not my thing. I don’t think people will recognize gold or silver, or believe you when you say it’s real. It will take ages before they start to trust it again.
Some forever work on the safety of their house.
Not my thing. It will take but 3 hungry neighbours and 1 hour to take the house over. Every metal bar in Spain is a testimony to what neighbors do to each other, in times of hardship and being pitted against each other.
Some store things in secret places.
Not my thing. In poor countries, tourists can wear rags, hide jewelry, and put mud on their faces, that doesn’t help. Their hair looks healthy, and that’s a giveaway for being wealthy. You having a storage, will show.

It’s all building your house on shifting sands.

You cannot save yourself. You being saved is the red rag for the desperate (and their collapse of all ethics). He who tries to save his life will lose it.

Going back in anthropology, always gives the clearest and longest used tactic:
The pack, the pack, the pack.
Well, the tribe, the tribe, the tribe really, but since all tribes are being destroyed, from the crazy border lines in Africa to the crazy ones of Belgium and Northern Ireland, and now all the way to the fault lines in American and British societies, but actually everywhere, up to within families and couples. You can’t restore this level of destruction, no use to try to resuscitate a tribe. Even a pack will be very difficult, for your influence, is no party for the 24/7 one in the back pocket of every individual around you. Todays’ invisible Masters are unparalleled in being in control. At no moment in history were they able to reach these levels. Humans will go dancing towards the chip, for it being sold in their mind as being trendy or easy or handy.

Love your neighbour as yourself”.

Don’t save yourself, save your neighbour. Only if your neighbours are safe, you will be safe. Only then, you won’t have to fear them, only then you will have a buffer zone, and possibly a pack, combining talents, only then your house or neighbourhood becomes more difficult to conquer, or less appealing to do so, when there are riots.

To be prepared for and trained in the state of ketosis.

“Be wise as serpents, and harmless as doves”. 
“Walk away and do not turn back”. 
“Beware of greed”.
”Lead by being a servant”.
”Invite the poor”.
”Feed the sheep”.

For this is what the storm says: the first will be the last, and the last will be the first. Logic. It are todays poor who are hardened, strong, have resolve, and run over the decaying city. It are they who, undamaged by “schooling”, have the freshest and most healthy ethics. The first thing I learned in my first months at university was to look down at, and laugh about, “the uneducated”. They were and are, forever more I must say, dehumanised and ridiculed at every turn. For that’s how you keep a class system or slavery system in check. “Oh those funny people in funny countries, they still do… think… this or that”. For that allows a collective justification of sucking out their oil, resources, labour, crop, or not listening to their concerns, just brushing them aside as “bigotry”.

That’s going to end.

Everything is at a historic peak right now; the knowledge and the stupidity, the wealth and the poverty, the truth and the deception, the harmony and the fracturing of the social fabric, the number of peace zones and number of war zones, the protection of the nature and its destruction; we’re at Peak Oil and Peak Peace and Peak Destruction and Peak Everything. The world is a time bomb. It will get worse before it gets worse, before it gets worse, before it gets worse, before it gets terrible. Only then it will become better.

Israel is laid waste and his seed is not“.
Pharao Merneptah, approx. 1208BC.

No Pharao. You are laid waste and your seed is not. Like that of the Romans and Hitlers. There’s this people with their Survival Manual, that made them outlive you, for 3000 years, and what does it say?

Come out of Babylon, you children”.

When a civilization no longer is civilized, and thus a tower of Pisa, you leave it. So you do not fall for its illusions, partake in its evil and contract its plagues, or have it fall on your head. Don’t be there when the News hurls: “Ow, it has fallen, it has fallen”. Go and don’t turn back. It’s not the end. It all was but one scene in the long theatrical play of humankind, and not the end when it ends. The Greeks had debates, the Romans had fun, the Moors had poets, the minstrels played the guitar, and people have known happiness and wisdom and harmony all throughout history – and none of them had electricity or a pension plan (other than pack, tribe and neighbours). You think you really need something, to be happy, but you don’t. It’s not you organizing those thoughts anyway, they are put there. They’re not different than a computer virus. It’s very easy to make masses repeat a mantra, for if you say something long enough, it becomes the truth. Getting rid of these installed thoughts, can make you a far lighter, light hearted and healthier traveler. Don’t prep materially. Prep morally, philosophically, mentally. Whatever which era you live in (the luxurious ones might be more dangerous than the turbulent ones).

O, hell, what do I know. I’m a grain of sand amongst billions, in an ocean of time, on a grain of sand in an ocean of galaxies. I just love that thrill, the mystery of it, the imperial grandness of it, but know not many do. Just always standing on tiptoes to see what could be behind the next dune, the next bend in the road. Which over the course of 50 years of reading history has only taught me that: roads do bend, fantastically, explosively, unexpectedly, there are colorful bandits around every bush, enemies around every cave – that has just never ever changed. The new mosquito in Spain is so transparent it’s invisible, and makes no sound either. That’s evolution for you. And so is the evolution of the enemy, the dictator, the aristocracy – forever becoming slyer, more invisible and presented in more shiny packaging. They’ll go give a billion to the poor, without saying that they actually printed it and it’s devaluing money everywhere, thus making people more poor in general. It’s only common sense or survival instinct that you want to get to know what and who your enemy is – and to be safe a day before the storm.

You don’t prep for yourself. You prep for that world that you want to see surviving.

All media will want you to “learn to love yourself” and focus on self. They want you to be proud, and scream out loud, memememetoo. It will incredibly limit your horizon, fracture society into a million pieces, limit your chances to be happy – and since pride is that last phase before the fall, destroy you. It’s its whole aim.

Never prep for yourself. That’s sheer insignificance, and  the reason for all feelings of not being satisfied, not being fulfilled. One can’t fulfil the needy self. Always prep for the society you want to see surviving. Something else is just not worth preparing for, and forget about saving it.


2 thoughts on “The PrepTalk

  1. Okay Ben-Hurs, there’s a reason I found your site. I’ve been a Christian for a long time but not a practicing one. This doesn’t mean going to church or following the rules, laws, practices of the religious. It means that I’m once again becoming aware of life around me. On our cable in Carolina del Norte, USA we have nothing but crime shows, violence, or entertainment as it has become. My wife and I went to see the new movie “Joker” or the how the Joker came to be on the comic series Batman. It was VERY violent and my wife has suffered from thoughts of suicide for the last 3 years. She’s now getting better. And, she doesn’t believe because our daughter almost died from blood cancer when she was 4. Anyhow, I need to slow down, we need to slow down. And, do we hide from the world. I’m really disappointed in the human kind these days. I remember when I thought I needed to share that I was christian with everyone. Now I don’t even talk about it with anyone. I don’t have the answers, but I appreciate that you are writing about it. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry about not having answers, David. Nobody has. The job is to keep searching for wisdom. Actively. That’s what the Book of Job is for, I think. To give us one hot potato, for without hot potatoes we don’t put our brains and soul and mind into motion. I understand that you are no longer sharing with everyone. As I heard a preacher saying: “we are on the defense, trying to fit in into the world, giving in, rather than handing out”. Something like that. Personally I think of this phrase: “Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves”. Don’t preach nor tell, but show. BE the message. Absorb the message, live it, and you’ll radiate it. YOU keep up the good work! Of being able to show appreciation, thank, and look for light, rather than to just sit back and let yourself be sucked in by the dark.


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