Not enough faith to be an atheist

I’d love to believe in Big Bang.
But it’s not witnessed, which to me seems to be the basis of science.
And I lack the enormous faith you would need to have in scientists, to blindly accept it.

Scientists are the Greek Gods of today. They call it Non-Religion, but it’s not because you call it like that, that it is no religion. They have the same idolatry and trigger the same strange, blind faith, as the gods on the temples.

(The officially accepted scientists that is, those of use for corporations and media. Not, for example, the 4000 engineers and architects who state that 911 was only possibly with Controlled Demolition) (these scientists are silenced so much, that you can even risk having your YouTube channel blocked for mentioning them).

I’m all fine with 1+1=2. One needs to have collective agreements. But becoming all fundamentalist about it (“it IS true!”) really is a step too far for this pupil. It’s great to strongly believe in Logic, but then first I need proof that humans and our world are governed by logic. Then I need to understand how a creature that says to be the result of random biological processes, finds it logic to trust his own brains. Are their thoughts  and focusses than not entirely random either?

And last but not least I would like to know about the scientist who made something – which didn’t destroy anything else. We don’t want to go to Mars, we need to, leaving the pile of destruction we made of the earth. So far there’s not been any entirely beneficial invention.

But there you go. It’s slowly becoming the The Religion and thus will, according to historical logic, start persecuting and abolishing any other main religion. Whatever Supreme God humans ever believed in, it was always Themselves. Such is life and it becomes sucher and sucher.

By which I do not want to say that science has not done fantastic things. Reducing life to a few simple and visible formulas, provides a lot of comfort to a lot of people. It’s doing a great job of unearthing and copy’ing what already existed.


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