Hi Spy Fly

It is said that we have a spy fly now.

54EEC09D-05EC-45FA-86C8-2BBEB9AA6CA1More accurately, it’s a Spy Mosquito. With cam and mic. That can take your DNA and leave a chip under your skin.

When I hear about such things, I almost faint of indifference.

Firstly because it’s still not nature. Meaning harmless, beneficial, working in splendid cooperation.

Secondly because it’s probably a hoax, and hoaxes are so tiresome.

Thirdly, If it doesn’t already exist, or has not been already used for years, it’s typically one of these things that humans will work very hard on. Control. The reason why a George Orwell is a genius, sits in the sensitive radar of any canary in the coalmine: based on understanding of the past, he could map out 1984. One of these prophets, crying wolf 40 years too soon.

Thirdly, because there’s absolutely no “we” in that first phrase. We love to say things as “we have been to the moon” and “we have AI”. As if. I yet have to meet the first person who possesses this. Sure, some human at some summit of the corporate top has got it, while providing us with the illusion that we do, that we the people decide. We decide nothing.

Last but not least, because personally I don’t see what’s so strange about thinking that all these things already long existed. That’s how the energy or spirit or universe that we call God operates. By means of AI and EMP and spy flies. Just a few levels higher up. And that we humans don’t do anything else than catching up. The knowledge and materials are there, on this planet, we’re merely digging it up, as enthused dogs looking for the bone, and magpies for the bling. The Beta dog who wants to replace the Alpha.

Which, by the way, any religious text has instructed us to do. To seek. Learn. Evolve. Unfortunately only very few of us do, we sit on the coach and will watch it on TV, when others have done that for us – and then we’ll believe what they say.

We are spy flies. We can extract so much information, learn so much, study the crowd management of this world from the peak of a mountain, if we weren’t so consumed by the every day tits and tats of our ego. We could be so much. We literally are little gods that can influence whole regions and tribes (*).

In a way, I hugely admire that 0,01% at the top that does do all this. That has very clearly either read or understood Sun Tzu and Machiavelli, that has sat on the mountain top to see the patterns of billions, and has read the scriptures; obviously only the useful information in it, to use it for own benefit, and to control others, but at least some do aim at studying humans and seeking knowledge.

All of us have that potential. We can be such wonderful creatures, when we stop being lethargic, drugged, flattened, and start using the magnificent tools that are in us: conscience, integrity, intuition, leadership, courage, empathy, the will to understand. Nothing you will ever buy (or made to desire) comes close to even one of these inventions.

Sure, innocence is golden too, if not a diamond.


(*) Each of us has influence over 5-7 people. Calculate the ripple effect.
(*) Look up the 3,5% rule: it only takes 3,5% of a population to propel the rest. Never try to change the world. It is a strong 3,5% minority that decides any politics or Thought Police.

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