The Poem

The poem was written
and has been recited now too
on parchment and email
from the poet to you.

It ends as all endings
as chalk on a board
or the dazzling beauty
of your favorite chord.

It ends in screams
as the pains of a birth
a despair such as there never
before was on this earth.

Or it ends in the smiles
when this baby has come
we have tried all possible systems
all systems but one.

The cool of AC
turned the world into oven
no eyes are needed
to see where humans govern.
There, food creates famine
peace creates war
water turns dry
and money makes poor.
There, freedom makes slaves
education makes mad.
joy makes depressed
and happiness sad.

From the beginning
you knew the end
you knew the reason
why you were sent
If you do not
you will soon know
that you’ll get the question
to who you will bow:

The pride of humans
before the fall
or the love of the poem
that foretold this all.

We knew the end
from the beginning
simply because
we know what is sinning
it is what kills you
it is what destroys
for it is the reversal
of our poems voice.

Be in this world
but be not of it
the truth is not here
but in what is above it.

It’s coming, yes, coming
don’t be one to have fear
for the golden pencil
of the poem is here.

You can either become, just more human toll
or maybe you’ll grasp for once and for all
that you are here with one single goal:
to crack a code, the code of your soul.


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