Nature Philosophy


I shall not want. I have everything.

Please, never give me what I want.
Give me what I need. 

0988818E-A5A4-405F-9764-85F50F98B086Harmony, purpose, wisdom, health, strength, courage, friendship.

All things I want, are in direct opposition to that. They are the boycott, the nemesis, the poison, the scissors at the four-leaf clover.

Please make me want what I need. And to never confuse the two.

The first fresh bread of the morning.
The water coming straight from the mountains.
The people standing at the fountain, with their stories and smiles, and guitar.

They worked all night for that bread, and on those irrigation channels. And have debts and disabilities and had bad childhoods, yet they get up each morning to make all these things and make all things work, all things safe, all things in cooperation. It’s a miracle.

I park my car, amidst the flowers of the oleander, and the sound of ducks and frogs and sheep, and the song of a river. In the freshest air of Europe, and the safest spot, where no burglar will pass. And it’s free! Already parking your car is Zen, and healthy, and a zoo, and a possibility to practise Spanish, and to fill your bottle with spa water. It’s amazing.

We are co-creators.
Of earth and of our own lives.
Not by wanting. Not even by needing.
By having.
We have, what we need.
When we see that, it increases, flourishes, and we receive more, in more domains and in more shades. For every tree you protect, you get 3 in return.

Make me not want a single, damn thing.
For everything is there to greet you as the oldest and most faithful friend you will ever have.


The last phrase comes from that wise quote of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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