Philosophy prepping

Speed Course in Prepping

Speed course in prepping. You've never done anything else but preparing.

So you think you are wasting time, and that you have no goal.
You already are preparing. All the time. It’s just not clear to you, how or what.
There you go, this was the whole post. All the rest is but elaborating and explaining.
You are prepared – that’s all you need to know.

But how”? you might say. “Me being prepared? I don’t understand how”?!

Not to worry, things have a tendency to, one day, become clear. When you pay attention, the “Aha-moment” can even be around the corner. May it be a positive one.

Prepping can allow you to be split-second ready to help others when disaster strikes.

Key word: others.
Only a focus on others, ever makes strong and happy and useful.
Opposite: ego. The word in itself guarantees spiraling disaster. Focussing on self, is a permanent training in further focussing on – and feeling sorry for – self. Which is a bottomless pit, that just cannot be filled.

The world is descending into ego, with all its depressions, suicides, stabbings, illnesses, unfitness, divisions, fights over resources, fights over the mind, ecological destruction, and things will only get worse, before they get worse, before they get much worse, and thus much of your training is about prepping.

Altruism is as a light beam descending down to provide you with an escape out of the mess. Altruism is the best egoism. When I read that religious people live longer and more healthily so, I always  have to smile. Jesus keeps healing the sick. Well, at least the commands of saying thanks, fasting and altruism do. An altruistic person is not just a person who helps others… but  is also the only one who can.

Because focussing on self is not only entirely exhausting, but also: the more you focus on self, the least you see and know the world. You are lost in your cave, oblivious to the ambiance and sounds and dangers around it, to the patterns of nature and the skies, not knowing the tracks and short cuts, and forget about being fit enough to use them.

Never trust a scientist with a big ego. For it’s only 1% of him peering through the microscope. The rest of him is peering at status, promotion, wages, speeches, headlines and a Nobel Prize.

Yip, once you’ve read “The Books” (Biblios), you risk to take their advice at heart. You risk to see how they are at the basis of all advice of “life coaches”. AND you risk becoming a natural Prepper. Perhaps even so much so that you start warning a century in advance. How can you not, what with all these stories of thousands of years of Ups and Downs, and forever the same patterns of oppression and liberation and disasters and rescue operations? Forever the same war of darkness on light. Peace is but a little bleep, in between catastrophe. The least you can say is that, after that, those books written around Byblos, gosh, you do know humans. Not their glossy packaging of 2019, or the soup of little historical tits and tats, but their core, their own and the general struggle between good and evil.

They are also the only coded books I know. “Read the writing on the wall”, “read the signs of the times”, “those who have ears, let them hear”. It are not dictatorial books. They are no Communist Manifesto. They are riddled with nudges, hints, suggestions, only speaking to “those who have ears“. As though we’re living in a DDR-like surveillance state (which, of course, we are, and will be more and more so, the last and final dictatorship is coming at us at the speed of light), and have to become used to an underground-speak. Just as all these prophets, saints, heroes and anti-heroes in their eras of terrible oppression and groupthink. Which means: all eras.

Eras have never ever been differently. It always was the 0,01% oppressing the rest, and making the 99,99% fight with each other. Without the media, schools and Internet, humans are actually quite peaceful and fair and wise. It’s also thanks to the Internet though, that we can so clearly get to that knowledge, directly, without the middle men such as priests and scientists and media and teachers, who, in the end are all the puppets and tools of someone else. And we can have access to very wise and independent voices (well, that’s not going to last much longer, the push to silence all non-controlled narratives and perspectives online, is tre-men-dous).

The Internet is causing both the deceit, and the awakening.
Both are spiraling up to their zenith.
Religion will be fully crushed in The West, AND will explode in The Rest.

Whenever I speak about the Bible or Quran, I tend to become very light hearted. Apologies in advance! The scriptures make me want to laugh all the time. It’s a laugh of relief, of clarity, of a feel of freedom. To me, the Bible was definitely the best kept secret of all times. Or at least the most intriguing one. I have no idea which civilisation or advanced spirit or power or character came up with it, though I understand why, at that stage, it had to be worded as it did, or why, for thousands of years, it so often was more addictive than Facebook today (and then without the army of Addiction Manipulation Experts, and without the destructive force).

Actually reading it, all of a sudden made so much sense of so much. Of why for 2000 years we’ve had Popes to ensure that we would not read it, and to channel the dangerous message into the opposite direction. It becomes abundantly clear why corporations do all they can to somehow oppose religion to science (Qué? They’re the same, science is the command to scratch for the truth) or keep us far from it, by using ridicule or demonisation or “debunking”, not to mention how to pit people against one another. It won’t take long before these scriptures will be forbidden in The West.

Get this: when that happens, you are not being persecuted. You are fought. You are not the lamb led to the slaughter, you are the castle to topple. You can be so proud of yourself. For if all corporations and all media and all universities attack you, what does this actually say about you? That you are the last one who is not bowing. That will keep speaking up against the wars, slavery and 24/7 deceit. You know the only way to conquer a castle, right? From the inside. This is how you are fought, and this is how you, at one point, will fight. You can decide to become a meek lamb anytime you wish, become a slave with a bar code in your wrist, there never is no exit, but so far you are not doing that, and that’s awesome.

So. How can you go about? How can you best prepare?
I will forever chew on how to put my answer.
(Sorry about that, I’m not much of a life coach), (It’s the first time I live). (Sorry for all those brackets). (One last one, just for fun). (Humor, dear reader, is the survival weapon of the strong, always be humorous. Sarcasm is humor, like also a sour grape is a grape. In a debate between the two, audiences will always pick the fresh grape).

Our life was the best preparation. Fully unbeknownst to us, it was one long university and military training. If you have a hard look at all the moments in your life, it will become clear what you have been trained in.

It never was your job. It weren’t your studies. These were only your superficial lessons, compressed together not taking up more than a few months in your life. When you look at all the rest you did,  a completely different pattern will arise.

The short version of this article: don’t worry, you are prepared. All bases are already covered. Run all the moments of your life through the processor, and you will know what your real and most grand talent is, and thus your ideal goal. That was it, that was the conclusion. That was the article. Lock yourself up in a shed and run your life through the internal GPS. Done. You will see how prepared you are. But even that is not necessary, for you don’t really have to know how prepared you are. The rest of this article, is simply elaborating, for a better understanding, at the hand of how I see my own experiences. In case you look for a guideline on how you can look at your own pattern. Thanks for reading!


I was the youngest of 6 children

That was like having 8 fathers and mothers. At every turn there was someone jumping to my rescue. Nobody could blame me of anything whatsoever, or  someone would come to the rescue. When that happens, you start to expect that there’s always a rescue. You become a very typical Benjamin. When you expect solutions all the time, they just seem to materialize, out of the blue. That was life lesson Number One.

It was also life lesson Number Two: what works best for me myself is to not have a thousand readers, three hundred friends, or a pack or tribe of a hundred. I need 8. Or 5 or 9. With those, I found, I work best; you can cover every talent, while it keeps you mobile, agile and flexible.

Yeah, I was a child that understood how 300 Spartans could beat the 100,000 Persians, heavy and slow and hindered by organisation and landscapes and ego.

I always understood that you need to surround yourself with a tiny group of the best people. All the rest is dead weight. You need lean operations – and surviving is an operation. Nothing more. In any operation and any sport and any art and any thinking, less is more. Especially when the sport is Living On A Dangerous Blue Ball Without Manual. That’s such an incredible operation, that you better cut out all middle men, and all luggage and all things futile and all knowledge that isn’t knowledge.

(It’s probably also the reason why I ended up in a small village: the less people, the more that each talent shines through, and the more valuable each one becomes, and thus the protectiveness towards the others). The most famous Muslim scholar, Sheikh Imran Hussein, forever advises: “In times of tribulation, go to the campo”. Yip, he even uses the Spanish word. Long after I had already moved to the Spanish campo. Sometimes your subconscious is as  wise as a famous Muslim scholar. You already have the knowledge. Nobody needs to tell you. No self help books needed. You are the book. The only thing that writers ever do, is to drag wisdom to the surface and put it into words. You are far, far wiser then you even suspect. It’s all just buried under piles and piles of entertainment and distraction. In many occasions even so much so, that this is the only thing left of you, all soul, ethics, wisdom and health have been flattened. Come a time that you will be fought, because you’re the last one standing. Evil is an Alpha bull that will not stop until nobody moves, and everyone bows to him. The ultimate goal of darkness, is to quell all light, untill the last candle is out and light can no longer even come back. Your training is the training of a candle.

I was the shortest and skinniest of 600

That was when entering High School in a new town.
Miserably skinny, I should say, really tiny.
Out of the safety net of the family.
And then you discover you are a reader (slang for geek), an immigrant and gay.
(Blimey, today I wouldn’t know which protest march to join first, or which victim-status to pick from).
The perfect script for a lifetime of bullying.

Never happened.
The same as before: if there was a hint of bullying, there was always one of the popular guys popping up and coming to the rescue. As a psychological angel, a sort of good hearted spirit descending upon the nearest strong guy. As though I simply continued living with protective brothers.

Expect, and you shall receive?

There was only one risky moment. It took place in a very busy corridor, in between classes. A meaner spirited, hostile, stocky guy came up to me, ready to push me. 40 kg, short, geeky me, vaguely lifted up a protective arm, without any confidence or enthusiasm. As in a very sad moment of “there I go”. Bully slipped, fell on his head, marble is very painful, corridor screamed with laughter – and I was forever bully-free.

How I remember that moment. How silent I grew, suspicious even.
My arm was still mid-air.
How had I done… this?
Whatever the answer, whatever the incredible coincidence, it was life defining. Without that moment, I could have grown into a victim, and complexed.

I don’t really know how that moment made me so bully-free. Somehow, somewhere, that act of lifting an arm, just a subtle move, must have made it appear that I knew … tactics? But actually I just don’t have an explanation, how one event, can turn someone into an untouchable. Pars pro toto? Whatever the psychology behind it, that bully remained who he had always been, but never came near me again.

Nobody had told me about Goliath, yet I pondered about the concept. How weight and self-complacency and pompousness, are recipes to defeat. Pride comes before a fall; I had never read that phrase, for I read everything except of course for that backwards and unfashionable Bible, but its wisdom already shimmered through, somewhere in my teenage mind.

This article can very easily turn into a novel. For moments as the one above, are sprinkled all throughout my life. And it are them, that shaped it. Nothing else did, not my studies and not my travels. Only these incredible coincidences. Without them, I would have been a completely different person. It’s because of them that:

I’ve never been without a job. I’ve never studied anything with an eye on the job-market, but I have never been without a job, and interesting ones at that. Never been without a relationship. Never broke anything. Hardly know where to find a doctor or pharmacy, for rarely ever needing such things. Never saved, never invested, never cared about planning my retirement, for, well, “things work out, and if they don’t, I’ll make my pity bed and love that too”. Never been in a problem that wasn’t instantly solved, or in which someone didn’t come to the rescue.

Yip, a Benjamin inside out. That sense that you can get away with everything. Because you always could. And then you always can. 

Look at the birds of the air”, that’s me.

Things got so badly good in my life, that I couldn’t even understand people with problems. Weren’t we dolphins, and life a gorgeous wave? Why did they want to have problems all the time? Why didn’t they just have confidence in life? Why don’t they run into a hair saloon and happily yell “be creative”! Whatever the haircut, it’s going to be great! Or hilarious. What does that matter. What is more boring than getting precisely what you have already mapped out? But somehow, humans tend to have all those parameters that need to be fulfilled, and only then they can be happy, which obviously never ever occurs, so they need more parameters. Ego is such garbage, the drug of all unhappiness and destruction and misery (of course CNN celebrates it). First needing this or that, to then be happy… is such a detour. It’s exhausting and a waste of money and time, and then doesn’t get you to happiness anyway. Happiness, you can get it in an instant. By wanting it.

Me too I had poverty and nightmare situations, but they made me stronger and, for sure, I even had fun and poetry in them, and they increased a talent, or I was fascinated by them. Life and me gel.

I feel so confident on this planet, that I can look at and investigate all its evil without blinking or getting depressed, and not care about its whole bleak future. I lift up my eyes to the mountains and smile, and will probably keep doing that in a nuclear mushroom.

Where is my help coming from?

What is the psychology, neurology, sociology, history, biology, anthropology, chemistry, or berserk wire in my head, that makes that I have such confidence in life, that it feels like an old and faithful friend constantly working on my behalf, guiding me where ever I go?

I studied all of these domains and do not have an answer.
All I have are questions.

What am I connected with?
Who erases the debts I thought I had, who puts me on a road of a forever more beautiful spot on earth, who ensures that I have no regrets, no bad times, zero fear to die (I’m almost dying to know what happens when we die, even that will be a breathtaking experience I will for sure be thrilled with).

What is this “Law of Attraction”, “Quantum Physics”, “Free Energy”, all these things that I can read about and send me nodding frenetically? Oh, and who remembers “The Celestine Prophecy”? All those never ending new New Age theories that make you enthused for a month, and then wane? For they are just not the same as the original: “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find”.

There’s no way to say just how true this is. Hence why I seek and delve and study. There’s this hunger: I will and shall find. Ego, I know. And when I realise it’s the little ego again, I laugh. But I sure always received what I asked for, long before I grasped that I was asking, and what it was I was asking for.

And then you stretch your life all the way up to age 50, when you first stumble over the psalms of David, or any element of religion for that matter, and you organize the biggest smile of your life. There he was. There’s my soul mate. In his words, in his time, far beyond me when it comes to talents, which also almost makes him the one and only “celebrity” I would ever like to spend time with (everyone else pales in comparison), but there he is, the friend you always wanted to have. What on earth does it matter if such a person “really existed”?? What has that got to do with anything? Someone wrote it down, no? So that person, or that series of persons, or the one who caught the essence, is the one I truly get.

The Truth?
Nobody has it.
It feels to be a thousand levels above AI, a programm running with an energy that defies all the limited brains on this grain of sand in space. You can’t feel it, it does not show its face, it’s mighty subtle, as a 5G or 6G but then without any side-effects-head-aches-cancers-costs, or even making a bleep on the most advanced of radars. But it’s there. Still out of reach of our ten million scientists, who scratch and scratch and scratch the surface, and do that exceedingly well, and forever think they have now reached God-like status. Then I chuckle: nope. Not even halfway. Scratch further. 

Scratch further until you find that most righteous and most clean and most powerful energy.
Through which you can do all things.

Ow, ow, the ego.
That makes you want to have control over things, to want to have that energy.
Whereas you could also very, very, very simply... decide to connect with it.

Don’t want things, have them.

It’s why the meek and poor and defenseless, do not have to fear the powerful. It’s the other way around. What else is censorship than fear? What else is media deceit than fear? And what else is fear but a miserable defeated foe in the mad dog stage? It’s why all saints are persecuted and murdered, and why they were and are able to bear that.

May the force be with you”.
Stemming from: “May the Lord be with you”.

You could see the whole of human history as the gold rush for the very same most valuable resource: free energy, the energy to happiness and harmony and righteousness and health. It’s there and it’s unlimited. When you realize you have it, no weapon formed against you shall prosper.

Are you that person that so often feels to be blessed?
Then you probably are.
You definitely are working on and towards it.
I care zilch if there is a “life after this” or whether or not the faithful will reap their rewards. We already long, long, long did. This life was and is paradise, too stunning for words. Best life ever. WW3? Best world war ever. When you decide something, or decide to see something in a specific way, it is.

You can literally do all things through Christ, who gives you strength. Has already done the groundwork. You sit back and do what you repeatedly do.

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