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Popular misconceptions about the bullfight

Popular misconceptions about the bullfight.

For reasons of entertainment…”
It’s not entertainment. Just as going to a procession, mosque or doing yoga is not entertainment.

E79C8EA7-A82B-42D9-8A36-65052C65FF9FSwords are put into an animal…”
Like a doctor puts swords into humans. It’s to release blood pressure, in a way that most resembles nature, coming from above a horse, that animal that bulls grew up with. And it’s a educating hint towards the bull, that the person is the opponent, not the cloak.

“It’s unfair…”
600 Kgs versus 70 Kgs. The bull is not like a lion, who would flee, sit in a corner or become submissive when being outranked. It’s a different character and nature: a bull will not stop until you no longer move.

5DC8989A-F269-4F11-AD51-7E24C4F6B9ADThe guy or girl dealing with a bull, comes in dressed in silk, on ballet shoes. Right in order to balance the advantages. For the human has got one advantage only: the approx. 20 minutes of pre-knowledge that the bull can be deceived by a cloak.

As well as the disadvantage, knowing that this will indeed be only a matter of time; once the bull grasps it, it becomes – forever – the most dangerous animal on the planet, never ever to be allowed near humans again.

It’s a whole audience against one animal…”
Come again? All that I ever saw was great admiration for the moves and cleverness of both. Many pets are loved, though I’ve never seen true respect and admiration for any other animal than a bull.

D80FB310-98AC-4D95-9198-E7FC2BB66A68Rooting for the blood or death of one party, would make you a sadist. Audiences that I saw were gasping or clapping for the faith of either party.

Sure, being of the same species, the empathy towards the human is more outspoken. For one can relate to the dedication and sacrifice that the family has made, just how many times the spouse has imagined this moment of death or accident to come (which it will).

“The bull will die…”
1. Or the human. At 5PM one afternoon.
2. Tell me what’s the alternative? Not live at all, and forget about living as nature intended? Just being grown as crop in the meat industry, being stacked into trucks, feeling and smelling death arrive, for the entertainment of the taste buds? Or that only other option: to go extinct?

Which other animal lives on 10,000 Sqms of land per animal, land that is as it was for thousands or millions of years, and per his own nature and habits? With horses, and farmers who truly understand (and respect) the nature?

A bull farmer and a bull locking eyes; I’ve not seen this look anywhere else.

The matador has this ugly smile of pleasure…”
The matador is dying inside. He plasters a smile on the face, to say that he will accept his choices and faith with grace. This is so high above even comprehension level of the average human, who focusses on insurances and safety and security, that all we can do is to applaud for it.

“On Facebook we will fight against… make a difference…”
Personally I just come back from a ‘tentadero’, where young cows were tested on their courage. At the same time you look at Facebook and see messages as “we saw a young bull being electrocuted…”. You can only think: so, where did they see that?
IF it happened in some corner, how would they have gotten a bull into a truck? No sedation at all?
And… should you not be protesting in every single restaurant then, which are the real places for which millions of animals are electrocuted on a daily basis? (I’m a vegetarian, by the way).

The only thing that Facebook Warriors achieve, is that they are not being taken seriously, or even seen as the most prejudiced or least educated party.

These matadors are cruel, ugly human beings that…”
To this I can only give a very personal answer: to me they are the most beautiful, courageous, persevering, understanding guys and girls that I’ve seen. This type getting extinct, would be as much of a tragedy, as the toro bravo to get extinct.

(And I wonder just how long it would take before we too get dozens of stabbings a weekend, for a culture is a tapestry, out of which you can not pull a thread, without unraveling it).

Mind, there’s no such thing as truth. There are only opinions and arguments. To which we should carefully listen, or accept their existence. If we don’t, we only have prejudices. I am always open to any counter-arguments. After all, I only “switched sides” 2 years ago.


Note: for more information: Hemingway, Orson Welles, Noble Prize Winner Vargas Llosa, Emperor Hadrian, and many others.


Duende is a heightened sense of emotion and awareness.

I sure felt it today when the speaker said: “It’s a very special moment for Pajaro. Today will be the day where his future will be known”.

Pajaro was a young bull. The moment being: him being watched for his courage. Which would make the difference between him going to the standard future of any animal – the meat industry – or live a long 25-year life for breeding.

If only we always considered that “special moment” for any chicken wing we ate. You felt the audience to be really relieved and happy, that Pajaro showed himself to be a fearless and unphased opponent. When after 15 minutes he left the arena, you felt moved, teary eyed.

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