10 interesting Spanish words

10 interesting Spanish words.

Ante-yesterday, the day before yesterday.

Verb: To get up early in the morning.

Verb: To stay up very late, pulling an all-nighter.

Verb: Having an afternoon snack; the “merienda”, that tea or coffee with something sweet. 

Verb: To try something for the first time, usually clothes, to break in (when new shoes).

Un Estadounidense
An inhabitant of the United States.
(Which is not the same as the general Americano).

La sobremesa
The tradition of the 30-60 minute relaxing quality time after a heavy meal.

Mi consuegro/a
The father/mother of the spouse of my child.

Te quiero
The safe state in the middle between like and love. It has a ring of “I care about you”.

Un abrazo
A formal hug, often with one arm. 


Sensitive to cold. “Prepare gloves and blankets, because our guest is friolenta!”.

Expression you use when you hope that something will happen. Similar to “I wish”, “may it be so”, “if only”.

You noticed there are 13 words so far? Eres una máquina. You’re the best, you’re on fire. No, not a machine.

And of course, my all time favourite: defenestrar.
Verb: to kill someone by throwing him/her out of a window.
Obviously only still used in symbolic sense: “Parliament decided to defenestrate bill C-16”.


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