Hurdles and Circles

So God led a people to a land.

It was a pile of rocks and dust, without significance, without oil or gas, without rivers, and the only sea was Dead.

And that, then, was the “Promised Land”.
God’s sense of humor.

Flash forward 5000 years, and that land is the real “melting pot”, goes to the moon, provides water to the world, and is at the basis of internet security, banking, 5G and – one can bet on – AI and EMP.

How did it get there?
1. Belief. Whether “God exists or not” is neither here nor there. It’s semantics. There’s nothing as the power of belief. That literally opens seas.

2. Having no other option.
If you want your kids to become great athletes, there’s only way: put great hurdles.

5000 years of hurdles create a pretty, pretty promising athlete.

Leave it up to the people of the burning bush and the sea opening, to be good at EMP- weapons. For this is exactly what such weapons can do. They might already have existed in disappeared civilizations, we don’t know, or at the very least in the imagination. What we do know is that our planet provides their knowledge and tools.

So, the old Alphas of the world are dying. Pretending that all is well, as one does, but the snakes are chewing at the legs of their throne. The old and weak Alphas rely forever more on the Beta, the crown prince.

“Panta Rhei”. Everything flows. In gorgeously flawless circles. We’re about to complete one of 5000 years.

Little David is again going to take on all Goliaths.
And all Goliaths little David.



Photo: the visual representation of the 63,779 cross-references in the Bible.


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