Health integration

Where to buy the very best veggies?

Where to buy the truly most ecological produce?

Where to get the most ecological vegetables and fruits in Andalusia?

EF644C93-626D-4200-A034-77E7A2235587The highest possible potential of lowering your ecological footprint? More even than at the fruteria?

Go to the village tienda!

Most of the fruits and vegetables you see at a small, local village tienda, come straight from the campo. Not any campo, but the campo of the owner of the shop. So, nearby and not leaving a trail of emissions either. They are grown and picked by him or herself. This morning, or yesterday.

In most parts of Europe, they would have signs outside screaming how fresh and bio and natural it is, with all branding material in 4 languages. Not in rural Andalusia. For here it can still be just the normality.

In a completely unfussy way, you get the best the earth has to offer.
At the time it offers it.

Photos taken yesterday in a small tienda in Guaro; everything was brought in just that moment:


Yes, there are avocados, sign of the times. Completely overconsuming all water resources, in a time and region where we better start to be very careful with that – it’s going to become liquid gold – but there you go: you can’t stop fashions. They do trickle through. Coming from a rural Andalusian though, you can be sure that saving water is in the blood. Where expats might have water wars over who owns the well, Andalusians will be absolutely fine.

And, yes, there’s plastic fruits in plastic bags. 80% though of what I saw: you can’t be better for your body, the environment and your society, then by buying here.

The Mediterranean Diet has long been dying, village by village.
But but but but, you can still have it.

It has been calculated that by 2030, Spaniards will have the longest average lifespan, of the world.


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