Why you should never moan

Never moan. It’s self-destructive. And more powerful than you think.

When you press a button, you set something in motion.

and ingratitude are Big, Big, Big Buttons.

These two are the Red Buttons for happiness or unhappiness to explode.

One is the start to happiness, the other a 100% and waterproof and life long guarantee to unhappiness.

It’s the most exponential one of all energies.

Never forget that it was you, who pressed the button.
You ignited the talent, the point of view.

This is not religious talk. Well, it is, and it has also been repeated by any Happiness Guru or billionaire to have walked the earth. Everything starts with saying thanks. Everything starts with seeing the value in what you have.

Only then you will multiply it.

It’s one thing we lost, when we threw away religion. The mere habit of saying “thanks” 3 times a day. We threw away the possibility to develop a talent for gratitude. And got a talent for indifference instead.

I know people who are ungrateful – and they are this about just everything, non-stop. You can meet them years or even decades down the line, not to mention half a lifetime, and they are still in exactly the same state. That they have chosen, and developped, and have become Olympic athletes in.

Never moan.
It’s self-destructive, a weapon that turns itself on you, for it chases away everyone and every opportunity, apart from all the opportunities to moan even more and for the rest of your life.

It’s not so much what you put in your mouth that poisons you, but what comes out of your mouth.


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