Rainbow Parade Day

The first rainbow flag came around the corner.

Its colours stood for the myriad of disabilities.
For one day, all people with disabilities joined hands!

rainbowA small group of blind people opened the parade, which instantly gave it an endearing start, and it couldn’t be clearer just how much the street was not adapted to them.
They were followed by a great and joyful group of people in wheelchairs.
And then, also touching, people with one arm helping people with one leg. It ended with a big round of applause for a young, deaf guy with one eye, one arm, one leg and Asperger Syndrome. He had also grown up in an orphanage.

There was the next rainbow flag!
All despised professions, joining hands, protesting against prejudices!

The estate agents opened, with tale-telling banners about being ignored at parties, snubbed in the street, and being abused in emails on a daily basis. They were followed by lawyers and marketers, and then Dealers in second-hand cars distributed flyers with car deals.
There were Catholic Priests, sick and tired of being seen as child molesters, and garbage collectors sick and tired of being seen as just that, and of their children being scolded by bullies.
Most impressive was the chant of a group of hunters: “We’re here, we shoot deer, get used to it”!
A photographer tried to roll a lost lady in a wheelchair back to the right group, but she started screaming for she identified most with underpaid and totally ignored toilet-ladies.

And there was the third rainbow flag!
All people suffering from poverty. 

The refugees walked in silence, suffering from bomb phobia, and an enormeous sea of homeless people just did not have enough banners and flyers to summarize even a tad of the prejudices they encounter, every day.
The next group combined struggling single-mothers, and young couples who had a hard time meeting ends meet, there were debt-slaves, and it all ended in a fanfare that pretended to have instruments. Two people who had known hunger for years, went in the crowd to tell everyone about the advantages of fasting.

The city was filling up and group after group came around the corner.

All the colours of obsessions, traumas, depressions, insomnias, nervous tics, obesities, fetishes, asking for understanding and protesting against their hardships.

All the types of cancer and leucemia demanded a cure, especially a cure for the silence that people dropped, whenever they mentioned their illness.

There were nudists fighting for the right to walk naked in the street, and ugly people, sharing their terrible every-day experiences. Everyone hated their place under the sun. Everyone blamed society. Everyone said to be proud. Humility as virtue was Out.

There was some drizzle but still the city was a long river of colours. Where ever you looked the world was an ocean of selfie-sticks and selfies and the very first selfie-drone.

And above the city, a rainbow came up.
She shone her light on everyone, but was not seen.
She smiled melancholically. “It’s time to go”.


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