“You are gods”

Everything is energy and everything is about energy.

sunlightThe one who controls energy, controls the world.

Oops, we’re in Afghanistan and we don’t have an exit strategy”. Which is both forever dominating the energy of resources, as well as steering, testing and lowering the energy of the masses.

History doesn’t change. It’s always been about energy.

The battle over energy resources is one thing. The bigger battle is the one over your energy. It has to be reduced left, right and centre.

You have it. You are saturated with it. The closer you come to that realisation, thanks to the Internet, the more ferociously your energy is under attack.

Your health. Your tribal bond, your family bond. Anything that can make people strong, is be made weaker. Your belief. Anything that makes you keep standing. That massive, dangerous energy is sliced up into races, ages, regions, genders, sexualities, social groups – and pitted against each other.

The latest trend: masculine energy. Under immense attack. Open CNN and men are pushed to start with make-up, and even shamed when they are so backwards that they didn’t start with it yet.

And free energy?

I don’t know.
Nicola Tesla died too soon, and his documents disappeared.
We all suspect free energy to exist, but we don’t know, and will probably not know anytime soon. Especially not if we have that free energy within us.

For it’s not as if we’re little David against Goliath. We’re minuscule David against all corporations and their media and governments and search engine algorithms and schooling systems, and all their knowledge of social pressure and shaming.

I always have to think of Jesus saying: “You are gods”.

Que? I think, as so many times since I accidentally picked up the Bible. Why hasn’t this ever been said? What were all these trillion churches for? Because… the truth might set free?

In this search, I don’t get any further than anyone else.
I DO notice that those who believe that a placebo will heal, are healed, that those who believe that they will be fine, end up fine – and that giving energy to others, results in more energy; and diminishing the energy of others, diminishes your own.

May your eyes see, and your ears hear”.

Yes, may that be so.


Pack’m and stack’m

7878C73E-06C8-446D-9136-BC86809CCA6FSo that we just need one beam to steer and harvest a million thoughts.

Make them feel hopeless and in need of you.
They won’t run, for they wouldn’t be able to – you’ve made them addicted to the supermarket within 5 minutes, and you’ve made them obese. From wild horses they became free range chickens and from free range chickens caged ones. All fearing each other and worshipping you.

Don’t think Babylon and Egypt and Hitler and Stalin are hiccups from the past. They are standard. People march singing into slavery. Their combined energy is way too enormous to battle, so it is used against them.

Of course those who warn against it are ridiculed, deleted, demonized, killed, “a recording popped up…“. It doesn’t matter, it’s not about their body, it’s their energy. For as long as there are humans, there will be free spirits.

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