Everything’s gonna be alright

Hey Bob Marley,

Of the tribe of Edom, tribe of Benjamin.
Into captivity from Ghana to the West-Indies.
Canary in the coal mine, kickstarter of my positivity.

I no longer need your songs – and that’s the biggest compliment one can give.

You know you are at the end stage of not-worrying, when even your nightmares make you smile.

Or make you wake up humming, and fresh for a new day.

Not that my nightmares are not horrendous. But in them, me myself I always land on my feet, always escape, am always tipped off, or the villain chasing me turns out to have admirable qualities. What kind of nightmare is that?!?

There’s always a lesson in them, a guideline, a wisdom or a piece of advice.

Seems I’m disconnected from any negative energy.
Ignored, deleted, battled out, gone with all that s*t – and it simply no longer comes near me.

Personally I think you get there, babystep by babystep, by focussing on the positive, the silver lining in every cloud. Of course there’s free energy. I’m not going to wait for any corporation in 2030 to finally make that public. We are our own battery.

Sometimes it saddens me to see so many people walk through life as though it’s the valley of shadow of death. Of course we live in the shadow of death, so what? Don’t we all live though? In the light of life? Why would one choose shadow all the time?

Because babystep by babystep, they have practised to connect with that. That’s what the eyes and feelings instantly zoom into. Their comfort zone. It was free and a free choice, but that’s what they learned to choose. Or taught to.

One peers into a microscope and says: “Global Warming”. I look around me and into the universe and think: “Human Colding”. Energies always find a balance. We’re on a gigantic seesaw.

Positive and negative energy are trading places.
Flip the biggest domino, and you flip the world.
(It’s right because I’m so positive, that I can face the negative. It does not scare me one bit. I can put my microscope on it).

I’m not a prophet. I’m a non-prophet organisation. My eyes and ears are wide open though, to listen to the wisest humans to have lived, and that includes Nikola Tesla and Leonard Cohen. And you.

And any person who in times when writing was difficult, time was scarce, persecution was everywhere, and parchment rare and incredibly expensive, found it imperative to carefully hide a scroll. Or learn a story completely by heart, one person after the other.

Of course they were far better in memorizing. You still don’t memorise every letter of 50 pages, if it weren’t gold, and you don’t hand it over for 3000 years, if it weren’t very, very important.

So what if there’s nothing after life? Less is more. So nothing is heaven.
Then I’ll just have gone from one heaven to the next.

My nightmares tell me that you don’t have to fear nightmares.
They tell me that you don’t need to worry about preparing, because life was the preparation.

People seem to think that Yah said that you don’t need to worry.
You and me know that that’s not true. It was a command.

I now understand the wisdom of that.

Blessed are those, who don’t worry about a thing.
They see and inherit the kingdom of God.
I SO get that.


One thought on “Everything’s gonna be alright

  1. Howdy! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!


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