Survival of the fittest

50 days to Brexit.
Robots and AI and Global Warming.

But let’s all hurry to already roll out the next human experiment, 5G. 

I shake my head so hard, it’s standing still. And I become really focussed  now.

When you know that Israel will not have 5G in its cities, then you know all there is to know.

The new Silicon Valley, the country that probably created 5G, and helps others to roll it out – is not pointing it to its own head.

Leave it up to the tribe of Judah to win the Survival of the Fittest race. They’re the only ones who know what it actually means. Who can answer the question: fittest in what. Ask other people fittest in what, and they’ve got no clue.

Israel has got 5G brains. I intend to stand in that radiation.

I know I keep repeating myself: if you want to get any advantage over any competitor in any field: then look what Israel does.

Not what it says. Not what it writes. “The Internet in Israel is so slow because… bla bla”. What it does. It has absorbed ‘the art of war’ alright (never show your real cards, trick the perception of others). It has absorbed everything.

It’s an instinct that has been effectively destroyed in ‘The West’. Where we are lulled into the belief that “they” know what they are doing and have our best at heart. Read 3 history books only and you know that it’s the opposite.

And thus, we find it normal that we don’t have a referendum, no investigations, no serious and country-wide debates, the choir of scientists objecting are side-tracked, and let’s very, very quickly start the next experiment, before anyone puts a braincell into motion and looks up from 24/7 screen-time.

Nobody seems to question anything anyway, not the birds dropping from the sky, not the weird weather and behavioral phenomena at high density mobile phone crowds. Everyone’s content with “scientists are puzzled about…”. They suckle at the breast of mother government.

YouTube is inundated with stories of teenage cancer, headaches, behavioral changes, decline in sperms cells, you name it  – but there you go, any perspective going against the weaponized one, has magnificently been demonized to “fake news”.

All news is fake. When will people read Sun Tzu, Machiavelli, history? Never.
You will never ever hear truth or be led to find it. Why not? Because it sets you free. No ruling system ever has wanted that. It’s the opposite of its nature.

There’s no such thing as education. Only self-education.

I keep my eyes locked on Israel.

”… be harmless as doves”, is the command, but what is the first part?

Be. Wise. As. Serpents.

For you are lambs amongst wolves.


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