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My top 10 profitable prophets

My Top 10 of favorite prophets.

In no particular order:

Leonard Cohen
When you feel, and spread, total peace and acceptance. You have that secret chord, have seen the future and still go dance the polka-dot.

When you stand up against Pharaoh and, with speech impediment and all, lead a people out of Egypt. Or Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.

Jordan Peterson
When you stand up against Pharaoh and, being demonised and all, guide a people out of Egypt. Or Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.

Most grumpy and hilarious prophet. When you are adamant that you’re not going to be a prophet. Over your dead body you will. But your body just doesn’t die. So you drop the shortest and most irritated prophecy ever.

When you are hundreds, warning off the top of your lungs of the dangers of 5G, and Corporations silence you, and thus their search engines and media and governments. Not religious at all, yet no better example of voices in the desert. Who saves one person, one bird, one tree, saves the world.

The world’s first prepper and best captain. When you’re being asked “do you think the government does enough to tackle Global Warming”? And you go: “Duh”. You already have a path for Moseses and a click clack bed for Davids. And are subscribed to MGTOW.

When you command to turn the music up, and do so wise as a serpent, harmless as a dove. 

When you have so many talents and, in a male dominated era, use them all to risk your life to rescue people. Which turns out to be a whole people, and the whole of history.

When you walk in everywhere as little David, fully trusting it will be alright, and thus making everything alright. 

Be wise as serpents, harmless as doves”.

And who, who are you?


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