Health history

“Young man”, Seville 1629

Hello young man of Velazquez. I saw you today.

Hello “Young man”.

painting-of-handsome-manFor that’s all that Velazquez let us know about you.
You’re not even a minor prince or so.

Still today, 4 centuries later, I spot you here and there.
Very rarely so, but you have made it through the onslaught.

At that little grocery store, helping old, black clad ladies. No shampoos and skin products have made it to your blood circulation: you still shine. No social networks have ruined your balance, or have induced you with sarcasm. No selfies or selfie-sticks in your world. No education that has educated you into stupidity. No Religion of Ease yet; still entirely fit, physically and mentally, to be a pillar for society.

The black clad ladies have nobody to talk to, so that’s what they do, go to the grocery store every day and talk at length about which apple could be the better one.

You are very patient with them. It’s Beautiful Patience: where only you yourself know that you are being patient. Nobody sees it, nobody gives you a reward.

Once I tried to give you a compliment for it, which you instantly rejected. “Everyone has got something”, and that was that. For that compliment to you was, in fact, a critique on others. And you can’t have that.

There was the day that a natural disaster ruined your house and business. Out of work, out of income. You showed me around the ruin, and asked “how is work”? “how is your family”?

Not a grain of self-pity. Not a single cloud on your face. Not a hundred of self-help books that confused your self, or told it that it was the end all and be all.
I chitchat, but am in awe.

You don’t study life, life studies you.
Understandable, for: this is it. This is the highest that a human can achieve. This is what life has to take with it to the next centuries.

This is what I would like to have in my blood circulation.

Peace, balance, strength, no ego. The unseen pillar that keeps it all together. That is so needed, when times get rocky.

To be just a young man.
So under attack, by governments, because they know: you are the prince, you are the one to topple at the battlements of every castle.

I’ll try to be the older version of it, or the one wanting to bring you to 2500.


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