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The Swan Song of the Soul

Both head and heart are dubious masters. They can both be good or evil. They can be noble or selfish, right or wrong. 

Should I follow my Head or my Heart”?

Nothing is a more clear sign of the world wide demise of the Soul.

swan-song-of-the-soulIt’s no longer even there.

Both head and heart are dubious masters. They can both be good or evil. They can be noble or selfish, right or wrong.

The soul is a compass that has one destination only:  healing, happiness, wisdom, righteousness and purpose.

But there you go, it’s withdrawing.

It’s the reason why we have, for example, become supermarket-proof:

– No more inquisitiveness as to whether or not products stem from exploitation or slavery elsewhere.
– Indifference as to how this pushes local farmers, our neighbours, out of the market.
– Lukewarm consciousness as to the possible trail of ecological destruction – or not going further than “they should do something about it”. Which in itself is a baffling change: they, not we, not us. ‘I need the government to tell me what I should do’.
– Lukewarm consciousness as to the dangers of unhealthy food, leaning more and more on the idea that the government has our best at heart (this can also be called the demise of instinct).

No care for, or seeing no link between, the karma we put into ourselves, and what comes out of us. What we do, and what is done to us. What we radiate and what light or darkness will shine upon us.

Sure, soul has never been the biggest thing. It has been a thing though. If only because of the social pressure, or pretending to understand what it meant.

I don’t know if it will be a gentle goodbye tour, or go out with a Bang. Normally when energies change very much, and this one has been undergoing a systemic reversal, the effect is tectonic.

We see it in the mass extinction of species, in nature, in weather changes, we see it in the steep increase in school shootings, terror attacks, wars, famines, the 8 million people dying each year of cancer (basically making this a more shiny packaged but more dark time than The Plague) et cetera. And especially: the indifference towards it all.

Indifference towards others, and elevation of self.
In my experience it is so that the more you focus on self, the more you are on the road to self destruction. For the self is a bottomless, needy, greedy pit. All that focussing on self ever leads to, is to become talented in further focussing on self.

So be it.

I have this hope though that, once we’re done pounding ourselves on the chest because ‘we‘ have gone to Mars, and after we also did the remaining 50 million light years to the edge of our galaxy, and then the billions of other galaxies… that soul will have survived.

If only on just a tiny little rock an octillion light years away.

That will be the planet of planets.


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