Tree Soldiers

I’m such a Tree Soldier.
And an exhausting one at that.


Having your back.

It’s quite the battle, if you’re up against marketing geniuses who come up with terms as “tree hugger”.

Not to mention the new Brazilian president, and not to mention the general War On Trees:

We humans cut down trees with a passion. “For a better view”, “they are dirty”, “for safety”, “for more parking space”, … anything goes.

It saddens me, for they have no better friend than a tree, it’s their real guardian angel, and all arguments come across as excuses.


Giving you everything.

What is a greater pleasure for the eyes?
What cleans your lungs?
What protects you most against inundations and wind?
What protects you most against depressions, frustration and restlessness?
What eliminates the costs of Yoga classes, Beauty Resort, Gym, Shrink, Big Pharma?

Trees probably are the elements in life that do most for you… and they do so silently, without asking for a reward.

Guardian angels, of whom you don’t know their existence.

Taking down a tree is taking down something in yourself. It is biting the hand that feeds you. You might think that this does not affect you, but your subconscience, which is 95% of you, might think differently.


Restoring your soul.

Welcome to a new Brazilian president, who threatens to turn the Amazon Rain Forest into agriculture for meat production. Two electroshocks to the earth, and thus to you, in one.

Welcome to all these Happy News proclamations of governments, saying that the forestation has once again been increased. You have to dig really deep before you realize they started to include the lawn on roundabouts. But there you go, we’re at a time that we believe media rather than our own eyes.

Forget about all them. Never curse the darkness, but bring light:

Be the soldier for a new Ama-Zone.

My resolution for 2019 was to kick meat out of my life, and to double my efforts to stand up for my very best friends: trees.


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