Bring on the clouds

“These folks are unbelievable.
They just eat anything.

Tell them it was a loner. They’ll eat it.
Tell them it was an old, bearded man in a cave. They’ll eat it.
Tell them a 3rd world country has got WMDs. They’ll eat it.
Kill a million, don’t find WMDs, and they still eat it.
Tell them we “had no exit strategy”. They’ll eat it.

We got them off Latin, off History, off Scriptures.
So they no longer know zip.

They no longer know or recognise “divide and conquer”. 
They no longer know or recognise “bread and circuses”.
They no longer know “order out of chaos”.
And no longer know “know thy enemy”.

They’ve been dumbed down for decades.
We’ve disconnected them from their history.
From survival instincts. From their internal GPS.
From their instinct. From their pack.
From their parents.
They are 24/7 ours.

We’re at the perfect point of no return.
Completely disconnected they are.
Completely divided. Completely diverted.

They even believe that walls are meant to keep people out.

So I think they are ready.
Bring on the chaos, the chaos.
So they will scream: “Yes, strip us of our rights”!
They will scream: “Strip us of our last bits of privacy”!
They will scream: “Bring us the next saviour”!

If they’re not ready, bring on the Extra-Terrestrials.
Bring on the natural disasters.
Bring on wars and rumors of wars.
Bring on the clouds.

Wow, Donald, Hillary, you were both worth every penny.

5000 years of recorded history, and those folks just don’t learn from it. I don’t think we have to wait for 2020.

Come to the lodge tonight?
We’ve taped every word and every email and every image of everyone everywhere.
So everyone is in our pocket.
Soon we’re ready to introduce Lucifer to the masses.
Let’s say “scientists” found something strange in CERN or Antartica.
Scientists are the new priests they’ll listen to.
They’ll eat it. They’ll eat anything. Literally anything.

Even supermarket food”.

Me: “Bring it on”.

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