Chat with Adam

I bumped into Adam today.
Quick” he said.

personal-trainer-andalusiaHe stopped doing push-ups and pointed to a very steep path. “Go this way”!

I instantly jumped on the first rock. I trusted him implicitly. You know them by their fruits. You know their big actions by their little ones.

And his small actions were excellent. Nothing sloppy or indifferent about them. Nothing self-centered.

And I also blindly followed his command because, well, he was the worlds’ Prepper Number 1.

What’s happening”? I asked.

He gave the tiniest of smiles. One of these smiles that have digested the whole of history, accepted everything, embraced everything, everything that was and that was about to happen, and was now embracing me.

I loved him. It’s not what you put in your mouth that defiles you, but what comes out of your mouth. What comes out of a mouth, turns back as a snake and devours you. It will nibble at the peace of mind, at the night’s rest, at the health of every piece of DNA, at the trust of people, at every brick of the house.

What came out of his mouth shone like the inside of a diamond. It’s why he looked like one.

andalusia-as-personal-trainerGo,” he nodded. “Away from the snakes”.

I knew exactly what he meant. After all, if anyone knew snakes, it was him.

And if he was the result of a Big Bang, nothing turning into everything, space-matter-time all coming to existence in one go, stones splitting into 2 genders so that they could reproduce… well, then he sure knew how to evolve right!

How we should have been, and could have been. Equally wise as a serpent, though innocent as a dove, strong as a lion, noble and rare as unicorn.
Of the serpent, nothing, nothing, but its knowledge of humans.

I knew: with him standing at the entrance to my path, I would be entirely safe. No weapon formed against him, would prosper. From now on my life would be built on a rock.

I knew I knew that, but knew not why I knew.
There was no time for a year of psychological tests or lie-detectors. There was no time for reading a hundred books about it, and all media perspectives. You revert back to that one thing that is being destroyed left, right and center: your internal GPS.

You start looking straight through a person, instantly to the soul.

Maybe he was very ugly, short, skinny, poorly dressed, whatever… when the soul shines, eyes can’t see that.

I was like any human, with the darkness coming from within. Like the moon, dark and cold and pointless.

I wish you all people that are like the sun, so you will shine. In darkness, cold and pointlessness.

They are the wildfire. Exponential. Burning.
Erasing all the weeds and bad fruits.
Awakening your lion, your control center, the soul.
The only thing that matters.


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