The 8th most powerful country

We all live in this country,  whether we already realize that or not.

And that’s a statement of Sam Harris, a staunch atheist.

skyRight now it’s the 8th most powerful country on earth, and we’re all going to see it climb.

Prophecy, or “self-fulfilling prophecy“, it’s the same.
One is merely the intellectual version of the other. The latter only says that collective thoughts can change reality – and how astonishing is that?

Many people like to put “prophecy” in the box of the supernatural or fairy-tales. Whereas it can be wisdom, the crystallized conclusion when having digested a very long time of history.

Me too I can prophesy, based on my monitoring of history, sociology and anthropology.

It’s one of things of life, that people don’t see things coming. I call it “the Goliath Complex“. Complacent, feeling to be all powerful. Ego sitting in the way, not to mention hundreds of kilos of heavy weaponry and preconceived thoughts. The mind has become a couch potato. Which it, somewhere around our 30s, always becomes.

Never expecting the stone out of the sling of the little David, and how its force is exponential.

The Persian and the Byzantine Empire battled each other for centuries, and didn’t see it coming. That the ideas of some Mohammad from a backwater desert, would flick them both out of history in the matter of a decade. The thought! After all, they were the USA and China of their time. Why would they monitor Ecuador?

Well, you better do.

You have the possibility to be as wide awake, alert and ready as this country is.

So, the only country with the name God in it.

sky2The name Israel means: “wrestles with God”.
We can safely state that its people have wrestled alright.

And where are they all, the formidable Goliaths; the Romans, the Catholic Kings, the 3rd Reich? Or the Babylonians, Egyptians, Assyrians and some 30 others. Once the superpowers of their time, not just gone, forgotten.

Today, the miniature country Israel is courted by any superpower.

Christians, Muslims and Religious Jews are mesmerized by the accelerating fulfilment of prophecies regarding this country. It was written that its people would be scattered to all the corners of the world, and it was written that they would return, and revive their ancient language, and that the land of Israel would be green again, and prosper. Which is all rather weird, since a scattered people normally vanishes within 3 generations. Not the people of Judah!

Basically the only Biblical and Quranic prophecies still being unfulfilled is Israels ascent to Nr 1, all jews going back to Israel, and then its invasion and destruction by Russia, Iran and Turkey.

But you don’t need to be religious at all, or to only follow alternative media, to start to question that mantra of “USA helping Israel”, and to wonder if it’s not the other way around.

After all, this is a citadel we haven’t seen since Sparta, and a people that are wide awake, alert, trained 24/7, and ready.

If anyone will control AI, it will probably be Israel.

The Old God and the New God, the same Holy Land.
Christ and anti-Christ, inching towards the same Jerusalem.
And very hard to distinguish between the two.

For that’s intrinsic to evil: it’s a master in deception. Evil can mask itself as more angelic than an angel. It’s a psychopath: In order to bring darkness, it will talk about light. It will create chaos in order to then pop up with order.

It must be quite hard to be Jewish. For being the “chosen people” of one, you’re the un-chosen one of the other. One choses you to be the tool, to bring the message to all the corners of the world… so the other will try to stop you left, right and centre, or go all-out in trying to demonize you or get you on the wrong team.

For that reason, I’m not voicing any so-called “pro- or anti-Israel” stance here. The mere existence of these terms, or that we all know them, already show how Israel occupies an 8th position in your head.

The dividing line runs much deeper than that, in the country itself. And a country or a people is not mine to judge. For I have not walked in its shoes. Especially not 5000 years.

I can see them swing both ways, Nr 1 and Ground Zero, probably one immediately after the other.

There’s poetic justice though in the situation that after the rule of Islam and Christianity and Atheism, it will come full circle back to Judaism.

As any old person knows: our lives are a journey back to the cradle.

We circle around in the desert and then arrive back at square one.

It’s how life goes, seasons go, tides go, sun and moon go, trends go, opinions go, … and we always think that history is exempt from that. We keep thinking we learned. No, we always fight the previous enemy. The new one, we never see. On the contrary, the enemy usually is the one that the masses are cheering and receiving as the new Messiah. Fascism, Communism, Consumerism… never forget they were cheered, greeted by all as the solution.

How do you know when something is dangerous? When you start cheering it.

AI is arriving and will be able to know our thoughts, steer our actions and dreams, and can predict our future actions, based on algorithms. Google knows that you are gay or prone to rebellion or reluctant to give up your privacy, long, long before you yourself know. Phone operators have got your fingerprints and can see what parts of an online photo your eyes focus on (nope, forget these plans to go up high in the world: all your past sins sit on a server, ready to be activated). EM weapons can enflame a bush in any part of the world, and even make it so that this bush and this bush only is burning (and don’t think for a second that these things are not being tested as we speak. For every new weapon, there needs to be a Guernica).

So it’s no longer that difficult to think that there already was such a force.
Or the thought thereof.

One is simply trying to obtain the same power as the other.

It’s my belief that it’s sitting in Tel Aviv, but looking at the big prize: Jerusalem.

It sometimes tests the waters to enter Jerusalem, but is always thrown back. Jerusalem is just still a tad too religiously aware. A cloak of religion might be needed, to sneak in. Or make good the new evil, and evil the new good. That consistent, systematic reversal of values has been going on for decades, anyway, and forever goes more all-out.

It will be very, very interesting to see what happens the next second.

Prophecy, psychology, sociology, quantum physics, exponentialism, it doesn’t matter. It’s a given that this moment will unleash something incredible. A reversal of energy always does.

Keep an eye on the belly button of the world.

In the Goliath bubble of “The West” and universities and mainstream media, we think and are told that religion is on the way out. Have a look at the rest of the world and the rest of the media, and the lodges, and that rising new religion, Luciferianism, and you will see that the show has only just begun. On YouTube it’s clear that this is the most religious generation ever.

Behind the easy-listening of our supermarket lives, all GPS’es start pointing to the same.

Things will always be what they have been. Jerusalem will be what it always was: Ground Zero of the battle between our rights and wrongs.


I find it hilarious that the UN has its headquarters in Jerusalem on the Mount of Evil Counsel. Yip, on the hill where the Pharisees are thought to have conspired against Jesus, where Judas would have received the coins for his betrayal… that’s where the UN choses to put its headquarters. You wonder what Freud would say of that. I wonder why they didn’t base the architecture on the tower of Babel. O, wait, the EU Parliament in Strasbourg already did. Anti-religion is a religion too.

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