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Exponential thinking

Exponentialism, the surprising enemy.

Why do people get trapped?
Into forest fires or authoritarian systems?

Because of linear thinking.

Why don’t any of us prepare our houses for inundations?

Because of linear thinking.

We see a river swell up and think it will swell further in the same pace. In that pace as we witnessed it, so far. We have drifted away so far from the law of the land, that did know:

Catastrophes are exponential:

1 tree on fire can light up a second tree. Now there are 2 trees that light up 4. So there are people who go look at a forest fire… not knowing that within the blink of an eye it can be: 2 forests, 4 forests.

C51C90B0-5325-4AB3-91C8-74C04278BF17This can be applied to everything: not being satisfied with yourself, focussing on ego, focussing on ease: everything is exponential.

Why did Jews not flee Germany in the 1930s? Because of the same linear thinking. “Yet again another annoying law”. “By this pace of new laws, our children will have a very difficult life”. No. Not their children. Not them in the future. Them within the blink of an eye. For that one annoying law is suddenly 10 laws, and while still chewing on that, 100 laws rain down and everyone is trapped.

But the Nazis used the human tendency for linear thinking, against everyone.

People get stuck in disasters, for they see life as a line.
A comfortable, phlegmatic line.
Not the swoop, swoosh or Fibonacci Sequence it usually is.

We think that the current natural disasters will continue as they do, perhaps a tad bigger and a tad more of them, gradually. Of course not, if anyone follows PI or the Fibonacci sequence or exponentialism, it’s nature.

And, by the way: knowledge, mastery of a language, authoritarian dominance, addictions, debts, greed, wealth, negativity: they are all nature too. Human nature, the most exponential one of all.

When you learn a new language, more often than not you feel not to learn it at all for years on end… and then all of a sudden you speak it in a week.

When you want to learn that language fast, you compress all these years into 3 weeks, jumping into a bath of that language, getting rid of all your hurdles and blockades asap… so that you’ve got your exponential days by the end of the month.


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