Chat with a 1-Day Fly

A 1-Day Fly came to sit next to me.

Drop the negative people,” she said.

I suppose that when you only live 1 day, you have a tendency to go straight to the point.

I said: “OK”.

No, seriously,” she said. “Delete them, ignore them, battle them out of your life”.

For someone who has only got 10 hours of life, she sure dedicated a lot of time to me.

Battling… that’s quite the strong word, no”?
She shrugged. “They’re a strong force”.

This, I had to ponder about. “But what if there is a negative person I just can’t drop”?

Then,” she said, “you train that person. That you’ll only respond at times when he does something positive, or is being positive. That’s also the only way you can help him”.

I was taken aback. “How did you know I was thinking about a him”?
She smiled. Washed her paws. “Because my life is ultra-short. My radar is ultra-strong. I need to get to the heart of the matter very quickly”.

That made sense to me.

We sat looking at the sky for a while.

But what…” I heard myself thinking out loud, “… actually is a negative person”?

Moaners”! she exclaimed, her minuscule eyebrows raised. “Complainers! Sob story upon sob story. Nagging voices in your head. All those who put forward a problem without a solution, or are not looking for one”.

My fingers were drumming on my knees. I did not know what to say next.

Only ever move within solutions,” she elaborated. “That’s what will make you fly towards the light”.

I smiled. It was nice of her to come and sit with me.
Then I said: “I’m sorry”.
She look puzzled.
Well… you know… that someone like you, dies so soon”.
Her eyebrows possibly jumped even higher. Her eyes shone. “Do I not live”?
Her eyes shone like the inside of a diamond.

I loved her. The air was never fresher. It was time to set her free.

Well,” I said, standing up, “Why did you come and bring me this message”?

Because there is no other,” she said. And she flew away, towards the light.

She died in mid-flight.

So do we.

Connect with the +.
It’s there. You are the battery and have a choice.


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