Your forgotten ancestor

Every time people say your name, they state the truth.

Every time people say your name, they state an absolute truth.

You think it’s just a name, but it isn’t.

Your name is the final drop squeezed out of a very, very long tube: the tube of history, trends, social pressure, class pressure, values, or what your parents wanted you to become, or why you steered it in a different direction.

Investigating your name is asking: “Who am I”?
And more importantly: “Who can I become”?

Our lives are amazingly holistic.

(It shouldn’t be “amazingly”, but there you go: we have sliced it up in a plethora of compartments. Food, Health, Psychology, Science, Religion, Physics, Ethics, Biology, Zen, New Age, Finances… as though one is not fully related to and integrated into the other. We are a person, not a heap of organs and separate braincells).

The book of Leviticus already instructed how to deal with diseases: washing your hands with running water. So how is it that doctors only started washing their hands in the mid 1800s? And still in the 20 century were doing so in a bowl of water? Because one is pigeon holed as Religion and the other as Medecine. As though they’re totally different rooms in a hotchpotch of a house.

So you think you are 2 parts – this from your mum and that from your dad? You are so much more. You think you are your job or your car or your clothing brands or the neighbourhood you live in. You are so much more. All these things are merely your stage. Your name is a far bigger indication of who you have got in you.

I know, very often a name is a riddle or question mark.
Or disappointingly bland.
So your name means “Son of”, period?
Or “Plain”? “River”?
What on earth does that mean?
Son of whom? Plain of what? What kind of river? Isn’t everyone a river??

You will have to dig into your tube, and provide the answer.

Maybe your name won’t tell you who you are. It for sure will tell you who you were wished to be. If only by the very first person baptizing the very first child with your name. For some reason, others wanted their child to be like that one. And decades, or centuries, or even thousands of years afterwards, you are still celebrating it.

That must have been some person.

Like a star, shining even while dead.



  1. Excellent post! My name is David or beloved. And, as an IT architect I really have this desire for clients to accept my designs and realize that I am doing my absolute best for them. I also sometimes relate my life to that of David in the bible. Anyhow, this was a really good post. I found you because “Estoy aprendiendo Español despacio.”


  2. ¡Gracias, David! Great name! 🙂 Which does seem to be a backbone steering you. And, thinking out loud, can even help you finding the tactic to tackle Spanish más rapido. Thanks a lot for keeping an eye on my blog! Bless you. Ben(jamin)


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