Health Philosophy

Life’s lesson

Life is the school about schools. Do you see the lessons?

More often than not, we don’t see our lesson.

Whereas it’s a Million Dollar Lesson.

You don’t have to believe in heaven above and hell below.
Delightful harmony versus eternal grinding of teeth.

As long as you see, that here on earth you’ve got the choice. 

You can chose to go from one abusive relationship to the next one… or finally learn that the lesson is: self worth.
You can chose to stay in a terrible job for decades, just for being afraid of the unknown, or finally grasp that the lesson is: fear.


Don’t see the lesson?
Be stuck.

When you have resolved all the mysteries of life, you’re pretty much done here.
But also when you never learn the lesson.
Both are states of total petrification.

Life is the opposite of petrification. Life is the only non-stagnant water there is.

People waste a decade, in remorse over having wasted a decade. No lesson learned.

People descend into depression over the pointlessness of it all, not learning the lesson: their pointlessness.

People destroy their health and happiness by listening to the demon of guilt. Whereas the pang of guilt was a strong yet simple lesson: don’t do this anymore.
It is not meant to make you miserable for the rest of your life. For whatever you might have done to someone else, you now do to yourself.

It’s this what the ancients called Angel and Demon: two voices whispering in your ear, which one are you going to listen to? They are indeed spiral staircases, one lifting you up, one dragging you down. One getting you towards the sunshine, one forever making you stumble in the wilderness, up to a point of depressions and addictions.

Climbing – or an easy slide?

Becoming a greater person – or dying with the music still in you.

That’s our choice and lesson.

Life is the school about schools. It’s the lesson about lessons. Which is why so very often those who followed “the university of life” can be so much wiser than those who reduced it to 4 years. Every day there’s a new lesson.



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