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The Law of the Land

What is the Law Of The Land? It’s the law of your personal empire.

Here’s a law you’ve probably forgotten.

In history, a law can be forgotten within 2 generations.

That’s all it takes, to fully vanish from the media of the time, the schooling system, the education – or from sight.

Here’s the Emperor, you:

A mighty tree.
For mighty it is, for a whole land around it.

It’s roots are vast and go into all directions. Do they take away the water and resources from all other citizens? No. On the contrary. It is there so that the whole empire can blossom.

How else can the clover blossom, and thus the most young of lambs eat?

It’s roots make the river bank strong, and retain excess water to avoid inundations miles away. It’s branches are for the birds to rest, and the squirrels to play and find food. It’s rock solid and calm composure provides the support for travelers, the shade to rest, and breaks the wind for the human houses.

Who, living near or in nature, needs shrinks, anti-depressants, yoga? How many psychiatrists are there per square mile in rural Andalusia?

”Nature is cruel”

Is it?
Have you heard of animals that make another species go extinct?
Hunt them down, demonise, put them into trains towards ovens?
Trees that invade and occupy countries, to take all its resources so that the local clover there dies or lives in poverty or dictatorships?

Who should lecture who on cruelty, or the better system? 

Does it invent inquisition, fascism, communism?
Identity politics, indoctrination, media deception?

Yes, in nature, animals die. Did they not live though?

Did they not live in astonishing freedom, with all dignity, in vast valleys, in the freshest of airs, feeling and training all their muscles, learning all tricks and talents and developing instincts, did they not know play, adventure, excitement, harmony, danger, rest, harmony, deep and healthy sleep, the thrill of the full circle of reproduction?

How is it that people can focus on the 1% phase of death/cruelty… and not the 99% of life?

You can always tell the mental health of a species, by the health of its nature.

Once you start thinking that a tree “stands in your way” or “makes things dirty”, you open a box of Pandora, not least in the nature of your head. There too, all the little roots and wires will become prey to instability, injustice and inundations.

“Oh, humanity will find a solution”

Yes, for sure, at each time it will find a bucket to quell a fire.
Until you find yourself running around, doing nothing but quell fires.
With your bucket, running from how to quell the fire of sleeplessness to the one of depression, to the one of drugs to addiction to restlessness to moral confusion to boredom to keeping up with the Joneses, to teaching we should all be neatly, equally sized trees to the next temporary thought fashion.

From the moment the ruling thought of an empire becomes “I want” instead of “I have”, it is but waiting for its demise.

You are the emporer of your land. Also when you are clover, you are, for the whole universe under you. Happiness only ever follows, when you realise it’s not about you, not you aiming for the sky, but about how good a tree you are for the whole universe under you. It is there to be protected and made happy by you.

The law of the land means: we are all shepherds, we are all “happiness coaches”.

Your happiness and sense of purpose start, when you become an oak.


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