Why Little Davids always win

Do you have a complex? Cherish it.
For Little Davids always win.

9B5E4A65-532F-44A6-9BEC-0619FCB02F03Never underestimate any Little David in your life. He will win.

We have reduced the story of Goliath and David to one of “winning against all odds”. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

David was set to win from the start.

So you are 6ft9 tall Goliath. You carry 130 Kgs of bodyweight and 100 Kgs of metal in armour and weapons. You are used to winning and have become complacent. All the soldiers forever tell you how amazing you are, and thus you also carry a 100 Kg superiority complex. All the troops laugh at the miniscule and dirty opponent there, so your ego swells even up more. You get this haughty look of the really stupid.

Poor Goliath!

For you have to face a 5ft tall little shepherd boy, poor and lean and flexible and quick as silver. Who only carries a few small rocks. Who has trained his whole life in throwing rocks to wild animals to protect his flock of sheep. Who is used to being laughed at, and is unphased if a whole army does so. Who has got the splendid advantage of being underestimated. And, on top of that, he’s got the greatest weapon of all: No Other Option.

All visible talents, versus all invisible ones. All expectations, versus coming from left field.

Goliath never stood a chance.

People who have got complexes, should cherish them. People who had disadvantages in life should see them as advantages. For these hurdles are their greatest assets. They are what has trained them, made them athletes, made them pre-emptive, and make them being underestimated: the greatest advantage in warfare that anyone can have.

At one moment in life, they will realise that THIS was their stunning gift, not their handicap.


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