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So, when will you read your Machiavelli?

Such a pity that Machiavelli is only read by rulers and marketers.

Smoking kills”, is a message that sells.

Sex, food and danger are the 3 main triggers in marketing.

And “Smoking Kills” has got as advantage that it APPEARS to be benevolent:

As though governments want to protect you.

(Well, of course, if they really cared, they would forbid tobacco. They forbid anything else).

You don’t have to be cynical to understand that the average age someone dies of lung cancer, is the same as the average retirement age. You only have to have read about the conversation between officials of Philip Morris and the Czech Republic.

Such a pity that only rulers and marketers read Machiavelli.

All the rest of us remain deliciously naive.

Be evil, appear benevolent: it works, any time, anywhere.
5 centuries non-stop.

Once you know your Machiavelli, you don’t stop laughing.
To bring democracy” (remember “to bring the gospel”?).
We forgot the exit strategy” (and now forever sit on the world’s gold, poor us).

But that goes on all day long.
Good news! No more traffic jams at toll boots in France”! Because we will now track your license plate automatically.
Good news! Copyright will be severely protected on YouTube”. So only wealthy, corporate media can still spread their perspectives.
Good news! More money to education”! Yes, because the existing School System churns out such wise, balanced, purposeful, healthy and happy youngsters.

And the politicians become more handsome by the day.

History teaches us, that history teaches us masses nothing.
The rulers however!

And you and me, we are still Adam and Eve: on our own. Beautifully amidst flowers, innocent-in-spite-of-master-degrees, but also amidst snakes that whisper from a hundred angles. Who we assume to be benevolent. For we always, always did and do.

After all, this is a civilized nation”.
(Jew, not leaving Germany in 1937)

I’m not being negative. I’m being a person who read a thousand books. And a person who thinks that all this naivety is gorgeous. Is there anything more beautiful than that? Evil preys on innocence – which will always be the far more beautiful and happy one of the two.

That we already long have a new Aristocracy, is a given though.
One that learned how to avoid guillotine, or how not to be bombed in a bunker.

You want to be really wise? Put the age old adages on a post-it on your PC:
“Know your enemy”, “follow the money”, “all roads lead to Rome”, “Bread and circuses”, “The whole world’s a stage”.

You can decide to get majorly depressed. Me, I luuuuv the stage.

It just never ever stops to make me smile. How could we appreciate beauty if it wasn’t for ugliness? For a history buff, it’s fascinating to know that we live history every day. As a kid I sometimes wished I lived in Old Rome, then in Al-Andalus, then in the 19th Century… and today I managed to live in all of them at the very same time!



It’s the formidable previous-presidential-candidate Ron Paul who posted this cartoon on his Facebook page. Obviously also Controlled Opposition, to crowd manage the millions of Libertarians like me, or just in case that we get into the majority. But a great character nevertheless, sky high above the Bush, Obama and Trump Circuses.

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