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Dear animal, little friend

A letter to all animals. We are so sorry.

 Little phenomenon, little wanderer, little charmer, 

We are SO sorry.

That we have dominion over you, but are such bad masters.


We jump to another speck in the universe, but don’t think about you.

We will go to Mars, but couldn’t even take care of this planet.

We think to be animal lovers, but that means: for one animal, our pet.


You, you we flood with noise and light, putting you forever under more stress.

You, we don’t study what radiation does to your fragile bodies and internal radars.

You, we don’t think about, at no plastic bag, no drone and no city-trip.

You, who we chase and spray away for seeing you as nuisance.

You, who is there fore undergoing the 6th wave of mass extinction of species, the biological annihilation.


You, who is industrially grown, as crop, to vanish into the meat industry, without ever having had a life.

While we chat and amass more gadgets and more space and longer selfie sticks and more ego-centrism, which is the package that we will bring to another planet.

We are so sorry.

And when we look into your eyes, we know.

That you are sorry for us too.



Title is taken from the poem attributed to Emperor Hadrian: “Animula, vagula, blandula“. Photos taken by my sister Marijke.


    1. Hi Diana!
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to react.
      I bet you didn’t see that coming from “an estate agent” 🙂
      I hope all is well with you, with the rain in Spain not mainly staying in the plain!


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