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Keep your eyes open the next hour!

Something amazing will happen in the next hour.

In the next hour something amazing will happen.

Your eyes will suddenly develop the talent to see all the acts of beauty in this world.

All the acts of dignity, kindness, humility and courage.

lightYou will see the very old lady on the streets.
She is alone and slow and vulnerable, in a changed and hectic and dangerous world. And yet she has decided to face it.

You will see the driver patiently waiting until she has crossed.
It is Beautiful Patience: patience that only he himself is aware of.
There’s nobody to see it, nobody to praise him for it. Only he knows that he is being patient.

You see two of such acts and suddenly your eyes open to the hundreds of them.

Amidst the masses who curse the darkness, the people who bring a little light.
Amidst the forest of selfiesticks, the eyes and attention that look outwards.

And then you have no other option than to become one of them.
You’ve uncorked the wish, and with that, yourself.

Everyone can see what’s bad in the world. That takes no talent whatsoever.

To see what is good, that’s amazing.


(A light, with the village of Tolox in the background)


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