The pícaro, that silent rebel

"I'm the king of my life". Meet the mischievous picaro!

« I’m the army of my own freedom».
That’s how you could sum him up, that certain type of elderly Spaniard:
The happily mischievous country guy!

When you ask him to speak slower, he’ll speak faster.
When you pound on his desk, he’ll put your file at the bottom.
When he notices he’s nudged to using electronic money, he will start using cash only.
When tiny law by tiny law, he’s driven off the land, he decides to build an extra house.

Picaro on wine label (

On one hand, that’s in his blood.
He’s the “pícaro”! That naughty, charming and happy character in Spanish literature. Usually of humble birth, his greatest pleasure lays in tricking the matrix. In other countries, he’s immortalized as Huckleberry Finn; in Spain he resulted in a literary genre on its own: the “Picaresque novel“.

When he’s still around in 2018, it’s because of a healthy suspicion of authority. In Spain, un-freedom is not yet forgotten, so here’s a frog that does notice when water is getting warmer.

Picaro on TV

In the cities the control as well as social pressure are too overwhelming, but let him free in the spacious countryside and he’ll be a frog that can only be boiled very, very, very slowly.

Tell him to come at 4PM and he’ll come at 5. Force his arm and he’ll make it next Tuesday.

At every twist and turn he seems to have a voice in  his head that commands: “I’m the guardian of my own 80 kgs, mental health, stress levels, freedom, agenda, rhythm and well-being. For nobody else will be“.




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