Why I don’t like “The Rainbow”

Just in case anyone thinks that all gay people agree with  « Pride Parades »…
No, we don’t!
If anything, many gay people abhor them. With a vengeance. For many, many reasons:

“A Pride Parade is…”

Pride: not a beautiful quality at all.
Selfishness: marching with a million to demand a cure for cancer? As solidarity with the millions living under bombs? The hundreds of millions living in extreme poverty, also in our own countries? Nonono, we « march » for the own issue. I personally know, in my own country, people who have no food, no table, no cutlery, no electricity, no money for the dentist, nothing. Where is the outrage? Why are the million “marchers” not spending the afternoon helping? Poverty would be out of the world in a heartbeat.
Ego-centrism: Try living in a wheelchair. Try out the daily prejudices against people who are disabled, obese, ugly, old, poor, weird, struggling, alone. No, we only spot a prejudice when it’s directed at little me. While taking a selfie. With selfie-stick. It’s just waiting for the selfie-drone.
Useless: gay teenagers consistently have one of the highest suicide rates of all social groups. 40 years of « pride parades » have done zilch to change that. You’d think that someone would say: « Oh, it’ s not working, let’s do something else ». Only a fool…
Useless: has anyone ever heard of that person who said: « O, but with such a beautiful parade, now I’m going to be more accepting »?
Hypocrite: the original aim was to have equal rights. It never was the right to dance in in a G-string in the street. For most, it’s nothing but a party, wrapped in some paper of ‘morality’. Right before going shopping.
Counter-productive: you mustn’t think of all the teenagers seeing this (and I specifically think of Muslim teenagers) and deciding they never want to be part of this, or to struggle even more with coming out. Should we start with Dignity Parades?
Cowardly: Go organise a parade in Saudi-Arabia. THEN the respect you say to crave so much, will materialise.
Counter-productive: our world is one of action-reaction. The pendulum swings. Never forget that Berlin was extremely liberal, before it turned extremely not so, that Spain was liberal right before Franco, etc. I look at « pride parades » and know: one day we’re all going to pay for that. Pride, always that moment right before a fall.

Oh, I’m not done.

My forefathers did not cross savannahs and wrestled with sabre-tooth tigers, so that I can’t handle a « homophobic » tweet. I find it a tad insulting, to suggest that I can’t handle that. Get a life! We all see insensitive tweets, about everything and everyone.
There aren’t that many « homophobes » anyway. If you see them all over the place, it might have something to do with your focus, or your teachers. Maybe you’re on Twitter too much, and ignore your neighbors, or show no interest whatsoever to get to learn where their perspective comes from.

Oh no, I’m not done.

« Marching »? “Fighting for”?
How dare you. Hey, land on the beaches of Normany, that’s marching.
What you are doing is slacktivism, like dropping a post on Facebook, and that, then, was your « fighting ». One single sports talent who comes out as gay and is a role model, is doing something. But then again, that takes a unique talent. Respect comes when there is something to respect.

And lastly, I’m a Christian. To me, as for the range of 5000 years of ancestors on whose shoulders I stand, a rainbow is a sacred phenomenon. Of baffling beauty.
An emblem of unity for all. NOT to be monopolised by one group. That rainbow stands for exclusion and merely says: accept US. WE are diversity, the rest of society isn’t.

An « LGBT » which, as very many gays know, only stands for a certain group of influencers, who set the agenda.
A self chosen ghetto. The type that says to young teenagers: « Things will get better ». As if things are not absolutely freakin’ wonderful already. These youngsters play the guitar, can dance, can construct houses, are caring for animals, are great at their job or in sports, have real friends, have someone in the family who loves them… they are houses with very many rooms, not just one bedroom.

Teaching them to think about themselves as just that, is not good, not good, not good at all.

Today, as any other day, I think about the 10 million people in Yemen. THEY have a problem. A problem so big, they don’t have the money, security, day work, safety, to throw confetti about it.

And they definitely don’t have the media attention.
(Humanity, where are you? Still there?)


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