Nature Philosophy

The lesson of Mountains

What can mountains teach you? Er, everything. To the pupil that pays attention.

I can go “woosh“, over the heads of people.

Sorry! I’m always in a mountain village!

My mind always was a free-range chicken, and mountains do have this “je-ne-sais-quoi” that further expands the mind. Well, it’s no longer “je-ne-sais-quoi”, I know exactly what it is.

Put a free-range chicken on a mountain top and it will develop even stronger wings, and an even stronger desire to be free, and even stronger desire to know and connect the dots.

1. A mountain is there to stand on.

country-roads-andalusiaSo you can see the world from a distance, and take a step back from all things futile.
So you can see not just you, not just your own tribe, not just your town, but many towns.
So you see that in 360°, from all angles.

Live on a mountain for a decade and you might look at things as birds do:
Ow, you noisy, hectic, complaining, worrying, fighting species.
« Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature »?

2. A mountain top is there to take your breath away.

So you realize that YOU are not breathing, but that breathing is simply happening.
You have no say in the matter.
So you realize that it doesn’t matter whether you were given 10 million inhalations, or 700 million. It was fantastic.
So you will be hit by the epiphany that stars make a noise, comparable to the one of whales and dolphins.
So you will hit by the wisdom of both Einstein and Steve Jobs who claimed that intuition is the most powerful of all things.
The discovery of Nicola Tesla that we should think about everything in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.
So you discover that actually need to disconnect from everything, to redevelop that intuition and energy.

3. A mountain is there as invitation to climb it.

It says: silver is more abundant than gold, bronze more abundant than silver, copper more abundant than bronze, mud more abundant than copper. Struggle all the way up here so you become gold.

Gold is always the result of struggle. It first takes curiosity, then a plan, then strength, then character, then resolve, then patience, then more resolve. Mountain flanks are the oldest university for the oldest qualities and virtues. Without them you can’t become gold. You will remain but the mud collected at the river bank.

4. A mountain is there to protect you against wind.

Not that wind in itself does not have its own lessons, we do need wind.
A mountain makes it copable, a mountain teaches you that you only ever get what you can cope with.


5. A mountain connects you back with the grand design

Little miracle that I feel so connected with Nicola Tesla, or inventors, or the 38 writers of the scriptures found over the course of 1500 years, today together loosely named ‘Bible’ (the Bible never calls itself Bible), or Muhammad who stepped forward with something named Quran…

They all forever talk about the big – and the big +, the eternal fight between darkness and light, … and did so from mountains. Moses came down one, Jesus delivered his most famous lecture on one, the temples are on them, and still today there are no Kings or they try to compete in the highest building.

It’s reaching for the sky and feeling you are closest to all its mysteries, novelties and lessons.

6. And freedom

Not calling anyone « master », « father » or « rabbi ».
Or one of the derivates: mister, doctor, pastor…
Not calling anyone King, least of all the ego, temperament, money, brands, presidents, pre-received opinions, social pressure, Facebook pressure, Google Home, Apple, those masters and churches of the 21st Century.

It’s what you see from a mountain top. A glimpse of freedom.

That you’ve got it all in you, but just never stop boxing it in.

Being far too afraid of climbing, new perspectives, some rain or wind – as though they’re not wonderful and needed by skin and mind – … and just muddy’ing along.


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