Are you “woke” yet?

« Woke» is grabbing the world by storm.

Underground, that is. Only passed on from one person to the next.

It’s also called being “red-pilled“.

It refers to the moment when you realize that you live in a Matrix. Live in this matrix in every possible way and at every possible moment.

Just ONE example of ONE leg of the current matrix: 

  • Corporations started to outsource jobs to countries with very low wages.
  • Leaving behind very much unemployed, and the birth of « working poor ».
  • Then the corporations welcome millions of refugees from low wage countries.
    Obviously, that is fantastic. There’s the new work force for the next 30 years! And, the silver lining, it’s a work force that won’t demand the wages and rights and protections and bonuses of the current one! They’re also stronger, healthier, more competitive. Win-win-win-win-win.

Except for the losers: the millions in Europe and the USA who now have the choice between, even at home, competing with a low wage market, also working for 3 Euros an hour, also combining 3 jobs and 7 day work weeks, … or to vanish. (Vanishing meaning: into extreme poverty, alcohol, drugs, whatever, as long as it’s nicely hidden in forgotten blocks).

It’s the ideal recipe for a revolution.

But protesting is hard. 
For the Upper Class Of Today, will attack you full force, within their whole area of influence from Schools to Media to Electronic Devices, by branding you “racist“, “bigot“, “deplorable“, “uneducated“, etc, A all-out dehumanization and demonisation of the downtrodden, that we have not seen since the 1930s, and that is embraced by whole masses.

So what is “The Matrix” in this case?

The system that, by its Universities and Media, is deliberately trying to NOT create understanding and empathy between upper and lower class. If anything, to make them hate each other as much as possible.

It’s extremely easy for a teacher to explain to classes where anti-refugee sentiment comes from, and why we should have empathy, with both sides. Forget about it, not happening. Not on the curriculum and too much risk of being fired.

It’s a war between the 1% and their 30% service class… versus the ones who are trapped into just trying to survive or protect their future.

And, obviously, between the lower classes themselves. The ‘Divide and Rule’ matrix: if we let the left wing and right wing slaves roll over the streets and fight each other, then we can sip our tea. When we take their attention away from the big issues, re-direct all their energy… we can continue.

« Deplorables »… is basically just saying: back in your cage, you! Back in the beehive we created and of which we are the queen.

All the ingredients for a revolution are there, and someone needs to divert the attention of the downtrodden and take the stinger out of the explosive mix. « Hurray for Trump! » Reality TV star (as if not all previous leaders were reality TV stars).

How to get out of this part of the matrix?

By good, old fashioned resolve: I shall NOT be divided. I know that the existing desperate and the new refugees are BOTH victims.

I SHALL love my neighbour, or WILL protect my gold: my sanity.

Regardless of how many CNN’s or FoxNews’ are trying to upset me.

After all, Trump or Clinton, Coca or Pepsi, Lidl or Aldi, they but give us the illusion of choice. And the illusion that these are the only choices we have.

“Being woke”

When you push the head of a chicken to the floor, this chicken thinks to be tied to it, and to be stuck. It’s why on rural animal markets, you can keep the chickens for hours ‘caged’ by just pushing them to the ground.

Becoming “woke” is realizing that you are FREE, not tied, merely being pushed.

That is The Matrix.

The system of the CURRENT aristocracy and slavery.

With us being lulled into thinking that, after 10.000 years of history, this has magically disappeared. Which is a fairy-tale in itself. We are human, and keep standing at the conveyor belt, passing on that one thought that it is given to us.


What has all this got to do with rural Andalusia? 

Everything. It’s the Charlie Chaplin dancing in the opposite direction. Still very strongly trying to say: “well, matrix, I know what  you’re doing, but oops, not with me“. The dancer in the factory. Always making you chuckle. Out of admiration.


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