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The language of trees

The most valuable language of them all.

These are ominous times.
The jungle is more confusing than ever.
So much so that only the oldest of life coaches can provide any help.

the-language-of-treesI wish you trees on your path

A tree that you can lean against when descending a steep track.
A tree that stops your fall.
A tree that provides you shade.
A group of trees that protects you from wind.
A tree that can teach you how to be a strong single, 2 trees that will tell you what it is to be a couple.
A tree that will entertain you by whispering stories about the Romans and Moors who sat under it.
A tree with such an inexplicable reason to be standing there, that you will be forced to think very hard.

What in life can be arduous, if you greet everything as an old and faithful friend?
If you greet every tree as one that has been put there, specifically for you, at that very moment?

Then there no longer are obstacles, merely lessons and teachers, insights and wisdoms.


I wish you difficults paths as well. Uphill and against terrible winds. So that you are forced to uncork your character and strength, your health and beauty. When would you ever, if it weren’t for hardship?

Your character and wisdom will have to be dragged through ferocious rivers to come out shining as the inside of a diamond.

When in doubt, when in despair, look at trees. You have learned languages, I’m sure you can learn theirs.

a-single-treeGo on wings of gold. I wish you to throw away your mobile phone. I wish you to (re) develop your internal GPS, (re) find your intuition and instincts, (re) discover the attention span, and (re) discover the beauty of character, will, persistence, (re) discover this gorgeous surface meant to meet others and explore the most unexplored and unknown universes of them all: yourself.

Above all, learn the languages of trees.
If you can appreciate that language, you can appreciate everything.
And that, that is the most valuable talent a human being can possess.
Appreciation for what you have and what there is and what you have been given.

go-with-the-flow-philosophyAbove all, learn the language of trees.
They’ve been around much, much longer than you.
They can tell you things.
Never cut them, they should cut you. Never ignore them, they will tell you things that no robot Sophia and no AI will ever grasp.
Keep that knowledge between the two of you, so that no fiber optic cable can harvest it.

Above all, learn the language of trees.
It’s more cultured than French, more passionate than Spanish, and more born in rain and fog than Dutch. It’s the last thing Google Translate can’t capture.

Above all, learn the language of trees, to be their defenders. Nobody cares about them, there’s an all-out war on them – humanity never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Come a time, that the whole world will fight over the last shade, the last wood, the very last water retained by the very last tree. I would want you to be the ones with the understanding.



  1. LOVE that! Thanks for the trees! For if not for you, we wouldn’t have these gorgeous ones in Spain!!! We are here for 2 weeks so let’s meet up and do something together? That walk we talked about just up the road from us? Call me! Xxx

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