Road map to Eden

To get to Eden follow the + signs. This is the lesson of all ancient scriptures.

Everything exists of a + pole and a – pole.
Atoms do, molecules do, you do.

personal-trainer-andalusiaIf you want to skip too long an article, just take this with you: always focus on +.

Train that muscle. Train ethics and positivity just as you would train any other muscles, or would take care of your physical health.  

That will take you to Eden. 

That’s not me saying that, but a few celebrities, the type that is not forgotten after a decade or a century.

Are you interested in a 5 minute read? The total work-out?

Let’s then call the sum total of all +s, Good, and the sum total of all -s, Evil.

And the sum total of all goodness, God, and the sum total of all evil, Satan.

But call it Quantum Physics if you wish, or The Energy, or The Law of Attraction. Any Emperor’s new clothes. Any new shiny packaging of the same product, whether you call it Religion or Science. For all we know, one is simply the philosophical or metaphorical packaging of the other. People just always have this tendency to divide and rule, or think that their wording is the matrix of all things. It isn’t. Wisdom is everywhere and it’s always the same.

Do you think God really cares if named Allah or The Light?
In the Quran there are 99 names, and each of them pointing towards goodness. Mind, not ‘douze points‘, but ALL of them. Not talking goodness, destroying Libya. Talking goodness AND protecting the least among the least.

The Big + exists of many tiny +’s.

According to Genesis, God first created LIGHT, and then the SUN.
Well, today we know that everything is made of light. Ergo: the light WAS first.

How is it that the Quran already describes embryology, 700 years before the invention of the microscope? Which vanished scientist was at the basis of that??

You could very well read Bible or Quran as the eternal fight between + and -, light and darkness, good and evil. Both scriptures are packed with hundreds of characters, in whom too, you can see the rift splitting them into the middle.

It was Socrates who said that only virtues lead to happiness. 
It are Jesus and Muhammad who specified which virtues that were.
These were not people – or ideas-of-people – to take lightly.
Especially since their whole bottom line is the road map of how to go from darkness to light.
A ‘sin’ is nothing but that what will make you unhappy.
Switches out the light around you.

Whether you are religious or not does not matter.
For that’s another message in Bible and Quran: that God (or the Sum Total of all good people), would send messengers to every people, according to their regional or cultural habits. You can take this historically, or scientifically, or as literature, or any which way you want. It is true. That we have ALL been given very clear instructions as to what is RIGHT, and what is WRONG.

And we all know it at any given moment.

That includes Hindus (who also know Jesus) or Atheism (that is also a religion, putting very much faith in for example a Big Bang Theory).

So what DOES matter?

andalusia-as-personal-trainerThat you connect to the plus pole.

Work on it, sweat on it, pump it up, develop your +’s.

The plus energy, in everyone and everything, most of it in yourselves.
Seek for it, daily, actively.
Don’t vote once every 4 years, you vote with every step. From the split second you pick up a product in a supermarket, you are casting an ethical, economic, political and physical-related vote.
With every POSITIVE step, you feel Eden open up around you.
For we all always receive what we give.

And stay away from the dark and damp swamp of negativity. All it does is swallow you.

Don’t try to turn negativity into positivity. It’s no use. Only when you feel they might have ears, let them hear. ‘Don’t cast pearls before the swine‘. OK, that’s really a very harsh expression. It stems from a very harsh time. When swine were known to merely quickly devour everything on their path, regardless of quality, intentions, health or goodness.

Darkness and light have already long been separated.

Some who are in the dark, long for light. Some in the light, feel the pull of darkness.
Let’s call them people who are sitting on the fence. Those you can help. Praying is nothing but staying the course, living as ethically as possible is nothing but praying.

With others, you might have to be like Lot: just walking away, not turning back, let things collapse onto themselves.

Very harsh? Never forget: all wisdoms are pearls having gone through very, very rocky rivers. That’s how they became pearls. They stem and have to stem from rough times. Equally rough as today (there are more slaves today than at any given point in history, and more hidden as at any point).

There’s nothing new under the sun.
Especially not when it comes to wisdoms.
They were made in rocky times, for rocky times.
Survival techniques, if you wish.

When some Christians say they build their house on the rock, they are right. You can perfectly well read the Bible as the ultimate Survival Hand Book. Or as ultimate History Book. Opening eyes to the cosmic, psychological, behavioral, characterial, social, physical, poetical, anthropological… fight between good and bad.

You are being informed: “Those who have eyes, let them see“.
That’s not a suggestion. That’s not a tip between friends. That’s not payable advice of a lawyer.
It’s a command.

Me, like  you, stand on the shoulders of hundreds of generations who had their own learning curves. They had their own journeys of 20 or 60 or 100 years. What they whisper, I take it very seriously. That includes the agnosts, Muslims, atheists and Buddhists among them.

Soon, a robot like Sophia will have 100 times the IQ of you and me.
Soon, AI will have a billion times our IQ.
They will become ‘God’. Surpassing us laughingly in every domain.

They will not have our wisdom.

For the simple reason that their creators do not have it.
Google can’t ‘spider’ the Bible. Also their one billion pool of human brains they can pick on a daily basis, struggles with it. Its circle is complete: it’s an underground message. For those who have the eyes.

Have the + eyes. 

See the + in everything you see.

You might not survive AI. You might not survive WW3. But, God, how you will have lived in Eden!

More, much more than Adam and Eve, those other characters that were all by themselves. Also they had no teachers, no schooling system, no rulers, no media who made them any wiser. Just like us.


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