Animals history

“How they treat their dogs”!

Andalucia and dogs. A never ending topic for expat debate.

In cold climates, dogs were always invited in the house, as natural heating elements.
In hot climates, all energy went to keeping the house cool, so dog, please please go away.

In cold climates, people withdraw in small spaces and dogs protected the house.
In warm climates, people lived outside, and dogs were there to protect the land.

And so it always goes on, that dance of cultural differences, forever more intricate.

The more you are used to living outside, the further you go. The Sierra becomes your garden, any town your living room, and your gestures become wider and your speech free. You want that bull to have its own valley, and you see a big dog living in a house as much as animal abuse, as the tourist sees that in the dog having to live outside.

But there you go, tourism is an exercise in superficiality, all people see their own way of life as the matrix of all things – and thus different cultures always gossip about each other. “Do you see  how ‘they’ threat their dogs”?! 

Not to mention the topic of the life of stray dogs. 

Few things in life are as exciting as exploring another culture. You probably need a 10-year long city-trip to even scratch the surface, but when you do, you realize that all the decades before have compressed you into a Pavlov’s Dog yourself… and that a new culture is like opening a door to a whole new Sierra.


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