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Open Happiness

You always get what you ask for. Happiness is no different.

« God », « Conscience », « Soul », « Energy », « Light »

Every era has its imagery. Every bird sings as it is beaked.

The « Ask and you shall be given » of Jesus, is no different from The Law of Attraction or from Quantum Physics. We humans just forever re-package it according to our abilities of that specific time.

35147078_10155818860701886_8834783779827482624_oThe most repeated command in the Bible is: « Be happy » (« rejoice », « do not be afraid »,  « give thanks » etc). Flash forward 2000 years and it still is, now in the commands of life coaches and publicity and social networks. The worlds’ biggest brand had as slogan: « Open Happiness ».

There’s nothing new under the sun.

Sure, today’s marketing is mainly meant to make you feel unhappy, that you do not have this or that. Coca-Cola suggests that you’re not happy, until you’ve opened one of their bottles.

Whereas « rejoice » instructs you to be happy with all the things you have (and that is a LOT: eyes to see, senses to feel, a nose to smell, legs to walk or dance, an earth surface to feel free, wander and meet others, and here we’re not even scratching the surface of all the things to be thankful for).

Happiness, as so many philosophers and great humans have discovered, is nothing but a decision. It is a command to self: « Rejoice ». And then you rejoice, and do become the person you wanted to be.

One does not have to take all these detours (first I need this car, that dress, this insurance, that amount of money, a trip to this country,  THEN I will be happy): the line between this moment and Happiness is a very straight and very short one.

All our religions knew that. And have said it in all various ways.

Knock and the door will open.

Repackage it as much as you want: Action/Reaction. What you resist, persists. Positive Thinking. Whatever. The Ins and Outs have never been discovered and will probably not for centuries, if ever. Personally I have always found it to be life’s greatest source:

You always receive what you specifically, actively look for.

So every morning when I wake up, I distinctly order a happy day.
And I’m never ever disappointed.


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