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It’s the track, not the easy access

Always have a bumpy road in your life, always have a country track.

There are property buyers in Andalusia who complain that “it’s such a long and difficult track to the house”!

And there are property buyers who wish the track to be longer and look for ways to dig more potholes, in order to optimize their tranquility.

That eternal division between Glass Half Full and Glass Half Empty. 

country-roadWhy can we not just love the glass?

It’s that bumpy track that guarantees the freshest air of Europe, and all its health related consequences.

It’s that track that increases the security, and thus saves a lot on security systems. It’s that track that results in the tranquility of the property, and the luxury of waking up to the singing of birds.

It’s that track that ensures that everyone drives carefully, and that neighbours meet each other and exchange oranges and the latest news via the open windows.

It’s that track that is a daily reminder of – and training in – that life should not be all about speed, ease, practicality and usefulness, but also about enjoying beauty, slowing down, greeting neighbors and singing in the car. 

It’s that track that eliminates all motorcycle clubs, jeep safari tourism, commuters using the road as short cut, not to mention people who are creative with locks and security systems.

It’s that track – that property buyers in Andalusia, in the end, love most. 

I don’t know a single person who, at the same time, has a track… AND a need for tranquilizers, weight loss products and a yearly holiday to a health or yoga resort.

Just as I rarely know anyone who has a track… and comes home overstressed.

For some people the glass is half empty, for some it’s half full. 

Rural Andalusia is about learning to see just how shiny and brilliant a glass in itself can be.

Let every track teach you that.
It’s the track that makes you happy, never the easy access.


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