That one word that changes your life

There are 2 sorts of people…

There are people who have, and people who need.

Those who focus on the first word, and those who always use the second word.

Both become forever more professional, in their having or lacking.

Don’t you just love people who “have”?

We are all attracted to them. After the ones who are famous, the ones with an attractive physique and the ones with a great talent… it are The Haves that are most magnetic, charismatic and popular.

We all feel very attracted to people who always seem to be over the moon, radiate happiness, never stop to marvel at and about everything: they are happy for the fresh air they have, for the views, for the colors, for the beauty of life, the absurdity of life: they always, always, always instantly seem to see the light and not the shade. They don’t curse what goes wrong in life, but are grateful to have that life in the first place. The mere fact of being able to put one leg in front of the other is a miracle to them… they drag us with them into their energy and happiness and sunshine (also loving rain, of course).

And don’t we run away from people who need?

Sometimes you help someone who says « if only I still had… », « I just still need… ». But then you discover that fulfilling that need doesn’t make a difference: for it’s the talent for needing that simply changes focus, to the next need, and the next.

With as strange result…

That once again, a phrase from the Bible can be seen as simply philosophical wisdom or psychology avant la lettre:  “Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance”. But you don’t need to look up Matthew 13:12 – also many wealthy or successful people talk about the power of gratitude, on YouTube or elsewhere.

What aplomb and generalization?!

I know! You can climb so high in the tree of life that you start getting a very wide view – AND are no longer afraid of falling. You have developed the confidence to drop your opinion, because you know you can handle the reactions. You’ve fallen so often, so often and sometimes so hard, that you know you will be able to handle falling or stumbling. All it takes is a head roll.

How did me I get to that conclusion?

  1. Age, obviously. Been here, done that, lived with the very rich and traveled with the very poor, have been rich, have been poor.
  2. And rural Andalusia. In my region people who have are far in the majority.
    Admittedly, they do have a lot to start with, and thus the spiral of gratitude is easy to start:Nature, flowers, colors, sunshine, proximity to seas or rivers, views, the freshest air of mainland Europe, beautiful tranquil roads. You start becoming grateful for one thing only, and notice that it’s a snowball, and in a matter of a decade you’re permanently ecstatic. About the social fabric, the safety, the craftsmanship, the fruits, the neighbors…

The day you start counting your blessings, is the most important day of your life. It’s literally a life changing day.

“Andalusia Coach”?

In case you wondered, it’s this reason why I do not directly market myself as Estate Agent.

For that expression makes it seem it’s mainly about square meters or AFO-certificates. That is important, for sure it is, happiness is much more so, growing, liberating, becoming the person you are intended to be. 

This is the absolute highlight of rural Andalusia, the single most important reason why some people don’t say to like Andalusia, but to be in love with it.

Stepping out of the treadmill of never ending needing, into the paradise of having.


Cover-WW3Are you really into the word “have”?

I basically wrote a whole Kindle booklet about it:
It’s named “WW3 for Beginners“.

You can find it on Amazon.
Amazon does not allow to offer anything for free, so I still had to put a price of 99 cents.

Or keep an eye on this blog

For it will very often talk about what we humans have.

If you have found this post useful, you will also have fun with “Go with the flow”, the advice of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

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