Andalusia as Personal Trainer

I always see Andalusia as one immense Health Resort. 

personal-trainer-andalusiaTime and time again I see newcomers lose weight, become more fit, and altogether more radiant.

How come?

For the same reason why the average life expectancy in Andalusia is 2 years higher than in West-Europe.

Did you ever wonder why that village lady of 80 is surpassing you on the way to the grocery store?

The Tapa culture: Portion Control as lifestyle

You rarely get hungry (and by the way, this tapa culture is also one of the reasons why it’s rare to see an Andalusian being drunk).

Most tapas are healthy

fresh olives or vegetables, use of olive oil.  More often than not, you eat and…

You live outside

If not because of always being out and about, then at least for always sitting on the porch, patio, rooftop terrace, or being busy on your land. An outside that also comes with…

The healthiest, freshest air of mainland Europe.

andalusia-as-personal-trainerI’ve known newcomers to hyper ventilate, thinking there was something wrong with the air.

This is how big a difference it can be – lungs having to get used to this level of purity.

By the way… steep hill villages! 

You know, the kind of village that makes you huff and puff as tourist, thinking you will never make it to the top of the road.

After a few years you can make it to the top of the mountain, and don’t notice it. If you do it well, just every time you go for bread equals a gym subscription.

Popularity of animals

If you can live 5 years in Andalusia without taking in a stray dog, or fall in love with horses, then hats off to you! You will notice many a neighbour forever being dragged to the nearest river by an enthused pup (also the ideal alarm clock). No way to say that you don’t feel like going to the gym today… your dog/personal trainer will make you go.

Really, why would you…

ever feel the need for a Spa Resort, if you’ve got all this at your doorstep?


Couple all this with buying vegetables at the fruteria, or having own fruit, the Pool or Beach Culture that can be a motivator…

and you will understand why Andalusians hardly ever make a problem of something. You can cope so much better with anything, when you are the most fit and healthy version of yourself. 


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