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The one and only 2 beauty products you need

The 2 great cheap or free beauty products.

In 2016 Beauty was a 380billion industry. That really begs one question:

natural-beautyHow is it that those who lived before… were not the slightest bit more ugly? 

What with all our Spa’ing and shampoo’ing and flossing, you’d think we’d be a tad more appealing than our ancestors?

How on earth can all those people from the past look so G* damn radiant? They smoked, for crying out loud. They lived far less comfortable lives. They worked 12 hours a day and lived on a potato.

Velazquez, are you kidding us? 

painting-of-handsome-manThis is your ‘Portrait of a young man’? 

Not, like, ‘He who blows the whole of Hollywood out of the water’?

Not even a minor Count or so?

If this is ‘a young man’ in Andalusia in 1629, what on earth have we been inventing all those shampoos for?

Is it all really just damage control?

It’s really not that I’m a health & beauty freak – I only did happen to sit through the years of crisis in inland Andalusia. And then you get tips from the elderly villagers and you start discovering things. Better put, as Columbus: re-discovering. 

1. Olive oil, unsung liquid gold

cool-mediterranean-manLiterally the only thing that ever gives my hair a Wet Look. And I’m a product of the 1980s, when that was the teenage thing to do, and the sort of phlegmatic person that accepts every bottle a hairdresser thinks I need.

The only skin product for face and arms that lasts longer than an hour and does not come with side-effects, and since it’s standing there in the bathroom anyway it also became hair conditioner.

That tip of a village youth – to swallow one teaspoon before going out – really does seem to reduce the risk for a hangover. 

That’s all apart from how much healthier it is on salads or for cooking than anything else.

I haven’t tried shaving with it yet (but will keep you updated), though as shine for leather shoes it’s excellent, not to mention as polish for my wooden furniture.

Note: we’re talking real olive oil. Virgin extra. In a bottle of dark glass, so the nutrients haven’t evaporated in the light. And preferably from a fresh press (in Andalusia the harvest is in November and the new bottles hit the shelves somewhere in December).

2. Sodium bicarbonate

Handsome-Egyptian_-_Mummy_Portrait_of_a_Man_-_Walters_323Better known as: baking soda.

For whitening of teeth.

Here that tip of ‘oil pulling’ with olive oil didn’t work for me. Maybe it would have, but it’s a tedious affair and you also lose patience.

The effect of baking soda though is obvious. This was an idea of a very old lady in my village and she got it for me for 80 cents.

Take care: this stuff bites! You want to take it very easy. Only brush up and down, if you do not want to damage the enamel of your teeth. Always skip a day. And don’t do it longer than 2 weeks.

Nature, nature, nature

Cleanser of longs, barricade to unhealthy air, connector to past, free gym and free sauna… you know all that; I couldn’t write about this topic though without mentioning it.

I know, I know, I know

being-naturally-beautifulI always come back to the same thing.

Our great teacher, the past. 

May it be our future.


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