Prepping in Andalusia

Why rural Andalusia is popular with preppers. And is, in fact, a prepping society.

Being able to afford land, privacy, plenty of own fruits and especially having water from own well or river: it’s not difficult to see why rural Andalusia is popular with preppers.

Personally I have never met die hards though. In general the attitude of the – mostly 40something – buyers was more ‘just in case‘, ‘it’s the investment I feel to be most worth the while‘ or ‘to increase the potential‘.

rivers-in-AndalusiaIn all cases having water always is the top priority (should you wonder why it has become hard to still find anything whatsoever near a river, or why the previously avoided properties without town water but with a licensed well have become in demand… here it is).

At the same time, the idea that having own water could be worth gold, has not hit the collective consciousness, so yes, rural properties in Andalusia are still very cheap when compared to Western Europe. And…

Large patches of rural Andalusia are a prepping society anyway.

Times of hardship or scarcity are not that far away, and have happened so often that especially among older people it’s in the collective consciousness per definition.

  • It results in the – often surprising – general health and fitness of the population, as well as how the sense of it increases in newcomers. Fresh air, never ending steep alleys and sloping land, I don’t know anyone who didn’t lose excess weight within months.
  • It results in a very strong social fabric – which has always been important in remote areas (our village against the world). It’s both strong and welcoming to ‘new blood’, especially if it wants to and makes the effort to be part of it.
  • It resulted in a survival society – where for every issue there’s a cheap or natural solution (it’s little miracle that olive oil is named liquid gold… the things you can do with it! It can basically replace everything in your bathroom). 
  • And a strong mentality all together. So Osama bin Laden has his eyes on Al Andalus? Shrug, let him try.  Electricity cuts?  Shrug, we grew up in that. It reminds more of the life of the Romans or Moors than of cavemen. Been here, done that, for we’ve not yet had the 50 years of a consumer society to become complacent or fragile. 

Anything new here?

farming-is-the-new-sexyWell, no.
Its is, in fact, exactly the same thinking that brought the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Goths, the Moors, and it’s exactly the same thinking that has made that all Andalusian villages are built on a stable marble plate or rock, either hidden or with a very good overview of the valley, and right next to water, and so on.

It has never been anything else than a SHTF society that knows : there’s nothing new under the sun.


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